956 - why do we need a girl in men's circle.

i came across this article today while i was browsing - the importance of trusting men in ur circle and i find it quite interesting. about few mens, having a weekly basis group sessions.

i think this group sessions helps. since most of us is working, having issues in daily life, relationship, workloads, and its all came down to one thing. trust.

how much do u trust people. especially the ones within the circle. telling them things and whats not. and if u ask me, i'll say i do. i'll put my trust in them. this group session was here on a particular reason. to help brothers, for brothers. why? because we came from different background, expertise, history, age, social status. and etc.

this one brother may be the the pack leader, having endless confidence, highly informative and charismatic aura, but apart from that, he also suffers from his pasts. maybe, just maybe. it could be anything. everybody has their "black dot" moments.

since the session consists of a several mens, i think these days, there is a need for these session to have a girl. to me, since the session might consist a point of view from a man towards any-related topics from relationship to life journey, and must not be only those mens giving out advise.

for example, if a bro is having a hard time with his partner, one brother might spark more fire by saying, do this, she deserves that. and having a "half-bro", "half-dude bro-sis" would affect his actions. she might say, "she didnt meant that, do consider" "try to put urself in her place" and yadda yadda yadda. and vice versa situation.

and yes, we could see things, from this "half-dude-bro-sis" side. as we plan to do something to surprize our partner, we could ask her 1st. is this okay? discuss with the circle. and decide on something. not all men carry their girlish side all times, right?

what could be better? assist this "half-dude-bro-sis" in her daily live journey. and u can completely trust her. treat him like ur own bloodbrother-circle. listens to her problem. provide options. confess to her.

a bro sessions is sometimes more intense than father-son or mother-son conversation. and i think it really affects us in a way. u just cant talk to ur mother that u bang a chick last night, but u can tell ur bro about this. and things like that.

choose ur bros wisely. and i think for now, this is the main reason why i think, we need a girl to be in any men's circle, or social group meetup.


Emma Amir said...

Question is,
Am I invited?

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

hahaha. can i trust u?

Emma Amir said...

Why shouldn't you?