design baju #TJLANPARTY3

so guys, #TJLANPARTY3 is just one month away, preparation is being made and i manage to come out with 3 designs and hopefully diterima masyarakat.

if u guys are wondering aku dah jadi tauke baju, the answer is no. baju ni untuk event #TJLANPARTY3 sahaja

p/s : i personally suka 1st design sebab dia nak mcm logo linkin park dah. weee

the 1st design - round shape

the 2nd design - the vertical design

the 3rd design - the horizontal design


didnt go home when i had the chance last wednesday because i think its cool to hang out here with those people whom i call friends. plus i had few things to settle - Major All Stars, #TJLANPARTY3 and stuffs.

i was wrong. i was left alone, do nothing and missing a lot of fun. i opened up my facebook and see all of my friends going back to the home town and spend their time with their family and loved ones. me? im all alone here thinking that theres people to hangout and chill with, maybe do me a favor.

again i was wrong. sigh. as far as i remember, i dont see myself, letting others down. i never say no to all of u guys punya request. i mean, i am not going to bring it back all of those things that i've done but idk. i keep on thinking. when its my time to ask for a favor or help or at least help with my needs and wants, everybody seems to keep on disappoints me at its best. even the simplest request also u guys cant even...thats okay..

for now i wanna lay low, maybe out from the radar for a while. and do my own work and thing from a distance. watching u people, hopefully, do well without me. 

i feel used, i feel unappreciated, i feel betrayed, i feel dishonest, i feel left out.

its not that i am not honest helping u guys and hoping for a reward but u know, i gotta keep some to myself. i cant be wasting myself alone. but for now, gimme a break.

tak sampai hati sebenarnya. and ya know, later karang kata mengungkit la. apa la. and im tired to go thru all of this shit. im learning to say no. im learning to leave u people on ur own. im done.

cant wait for all of these things to end. so i can go far far away and maybe live happily ever after.

the beautiful letdown

mornin. its been a while since i spend my morning writing a post for the blog. theres nothing much for me to say, but i think i've finally made up my mind.

since we, already appoint some new people and faces to the twt_dota (hey gratz were now official as a company) and having cool organization flow and chat, i think i can now relax a bit. and slowly retiring from twt_dota and will still remain as their advisor. i think its time for me to step down and let younger generation to continue what started by me.

its been one hell of a journey. all these years...from amateur to professional, to semi retired, to and organization..and i think i wanna take a long break from all of these, to do things i wanna do, to go get things i dreamt about and enjoy my own sweet time doing things i like. i want sometime of my own to go back to my hometown during weekend, wanna go visit friends up in the north. i want to spend time travelling and write things along the way. i wanna meet new people, do things i never really did before. ya know. the stuffs..

and those people who are selected are the best people i met and i firmly believe these people can deliver and probably would change the e-sports scene, especially dota scene here in our own beloved country, Malaysia. ranging from amateurs to professional, from players to e-sports journalist, these people can do it all.

i want to say thanks to the people who have fought this battle with me, from the early beginning till today. blood, sweat, tears, heart broken, broken and empty promises, all of these sacrifices, shud be remembered. but all of these, took us here, today.

i dont deserve all of the credits. u people do.

p/s : terima kasih semua. especially team twt_doto 2012 : raimi daniel fido iza siti izzoe, team twt_doto 2015/2016 - yana ali puteih luki farid, budak2 #20mandoto, #TJLanParty crew, those people i called brother from another mother, #TeamSelaluBetul - jerol kalap farmi wisel bell mekdy tekk kerol jekar and those people yang secara lansung atau tidak lansung membantu saya dalam perjalanan ini :)

twt_dota 2015 and its organization chart

its been 3 years the account @twt_dota has been established.and our own baby program, #TJLANPARTY is entering its 3rd year this year. and by the time i write this, our followers count keep on adding its numbers. and yesterday we admins at twt_dota had our own AGM meeting to appoint a leader and hopefully wud help us and making things easier - our responsibilities and job scopes.

here goes, the organization chart for twt_dota 2015-2016 :

President : Raimi Mansor / @rm0_10

Vice President : Siti Khadijah Mahmud Ariff  / @sitikhadijahma

Secretary : Asiah Izaliza / @eezaleeza

Events & Programs : Kayum Razak / @qayyumx with the help of Farid / @redzfarid 

Twitter Account Handler - Zulhimiamar / @zulhimiamar with the help of Puteih / @Puteih & Jasmin / @just_mean92

Casting, Tournaments & Live Events - Lyana Rosli / @wmotility_l & Wan Muhammad Ali / @wmali

Creative Media - Luqman Zuhair / @luqmanzuhair & Wan Zarul Ariff  / @WanZarulArief

akhir kata, majulah esports untuk negara!


at the point where i cant make any decision because i cant really think. 

i dont even know do i want this or that.

do i?

do u?

do we?