break 314

i seems to lost my touch in dota.since friday i've been playing like shit.

i didnt even score 20 creep in the 1st 15 minutes.

well this is it.taking a short break from dota.
focusing more on casual games.

and im really deciding either im going for the operation or not.hearing it seems not that serious.i still had time.

oh yeah and im losing some eyesight.maybe i need spectacles.watching Man City vs Arsenal on the big screen i cant see eyesight really deteriorated. taking my break here.
till then KCR|9999 and qayyumx is currently on holiday.


Dead Rising 2 & Starcraft II

i've finish playing this 2 games.been viewing and reviewing over and over this 2 games before it was published.

my score for this 2 game is 10 out 10.perfect score.lets not talk about graphics.its damn superb.

gameplay 10/10
story 10/10
challenge 10/10
mission 10/10
ending 10/10

starcraft 2 is about RTS (real time strategy).
the story begins when Jim Raynor,a rebel dommican marine gone rouge after a fellow ghost operative and himself got betrayed by Arctus Mengsk during last mission to defeat an alien race Zerg. Sarrah Kerringan was abandon during the last mission (starcraft I) and captured by the alien and then turned in to Queen Of Blades.In starcraft II, Jim Raynor and his partner Tychus Findlay travel through the galaxy finding an old prophecy, the Xel-Naga prophecy and artifact to restore the balance between the terrans, protoss and zerg and save Queen Of Blades with the help of an old protoss named Zeratul, the last survivor of the protoss Dark Templar.

dead rising 2 is about Chuck Greene, the survivor from mass zombie outbreak 3 years go is trying to live a new life with his daughter, Katey. Chuck is an ex-motocross champion who now living as the Arena Kill It Or Leave It (zombie gladiator) player.

During this time, another zombie outbreak occurs and Chuck has to find who is behind this outbreak and save civilians before they getting rescue and evac from the safe house.During his investigation, Chuck will get help from various people he saved and there is a lot of new weapon and system introduced in this game.

gamers out there,


friday - sunday

my last grandfather passed away on friday night.while i was hanging out with my kinda sat.but not too sad,because i manage to do something before he goes.look after him in hospital.feed him food..guess it was his time to go right?

its my 2nd time attending and doing funeral.from bathing his body,but not "kapan-kan".and my dad and uncle carry his body before he got buried.and i watch the whole process.still saddening.but what to do right? our time will come sooner or later.

last nite it was korean pop night in singapore held in sistic hall.i had tickets from eliza.but i dont know how to express my feeling.yes i am sad because of the death and also im sad because i cant be there in singapore watching concert.yes i know family matters 1st,but i dont know how to express this sad of because of both thing.

2 times already i miss the chance right between my eye.1stly on april.i had to cancel my trip to korea.and then was devastating u know..very..



i had appointment today at the hospital

going to check on my throat again today

am i really going to lose my voice?

god knows..


what is actually 9999,some people ask me.

demam 9999,
lapar 9999,

kat sini chinese always refers as 9 ni as many.

ex : chinese word : sap 9 - meaning is tak guna.the 9 is used to express the adjective of totally rubbish.

so when i said i am hungry 9999 meaning i am very hungry.

and to add some,

9999 refers to me as i am the barer of the name KCR|9999 in dota arena.when there is 9999 there is me.

the name synonym to the gameplay i do,

i farm 9999,
i deny 9999,
i kill 9999,
hunt 9999,
lanc 9999,
win 9999,
gank 9999,
pro 9999,

that is where KCR|9999 is born.

hope this absurdity of the explanation will get into ur heads.


trying to view it from another point

i watch a movie entitled buried.

an innocent american kena tanam dengan iraqi people due to he is a AMERICAN.
seeing from the AMERICAN point of view, dia kena mcm tu sbb dia AMERICAN.

its not fucking fair.and eventho dia kapir pun,dia tak deserve mcm tu unless dia buat something.
and its a shame for muslim people to do that.our prophet tak ajar siksa org camtu.our religion tak ajar kita buat mcm tu.

ah im lost

till when ur gonna be childish?

case 1 : this is from fromspring

is .chain666 a mhker? confirm.that question answers also for danish (feyyo)and all of the group of theirs in room 45. hahaha.yum bodoh ae..

yg dah lepas tu lepas la.apa lagi kau nak? ajak draft takut ajak jumpa takut.apasal tak boleh terima? <---- baca ni danish.aku dah lupakan.tatau la kau ke abg kau ke masih takleh terima.aku rasa abg kau.pape pun goodluck spm.aku dah takde rase pape dah dgn korang.terpulang ah.umur 2X tapi otak mcm 2-3 taun.sudah la cakap kat dia takde untungnya gaduh.suka hati ah <---- baca la

case 2 : my opinion from my fb's status

whats the big deal,if u cant understand smart jokes, sarcastically and cynical with double meaning sentence, please do not try to mock me. instead of picking fights with me,why dont u save the trouble by reading the newspaper. and talk behave on the facts.

really im not being rude or whatever but i think u guys from UiTM are really in low standards in terms of seeing marriage when i say about how ready you are from the marriage, i was not talking about money, that includes everything. from parenting issues, money, everything.
thus, im not into the fights with you. im not the same lvl of you.i didnt become somebody important in UNITEN.not the old yum u know.i am new.i am somebody

im not blind to see that u guys are trying to make ashame out of me.but that is not they way i deal with u guys.

case 3 : this one is very f-ing losing my bestfriend for oversome childish reason or whatever reason it is.

maybe im losing my best friend.or maybe im just feelin like it.

simply put,im not sad.

u were my best friend since childhood man.
apa pun kita tak penah tak buat skali.
i think its time to grow up.
we arent suppose to act that way nemore right?

ur elite,
im not.
im just a goofy dude,
who likes to play game and enjoy my own time,
lay low,
watchin gay movie..

ntah tatau la maybe aku terasa sendiri?
or maybe we arent good nemore like we used to be?

i wud like to find out about this.
if u wanna talk,im there bro,

i never turn my back on u and u always know that.
peace yo.


im hurt on this date since 10.10.08

the wound heals, but the pain and scars still live within me.

im hurt, but nobody know,
im hurt, but i dont know how can i disperse this pain.

i really need to get real partner,
the one that i can meet everyday.

the one that i can tell this and that.
the one who understands my pain.

the one who will swallow it all with me.
the one who will walk this path of life with me.





all the memories of hate and the lies,
dont you know we'll pay the price,
all the hopes and dreams will survive,
reunite we got to keep our faith alive


playing video games for fun and professionally is 2 different thing.

im tired of doing all the job alone.its called a clan,but it seldom function as a clan.

-please buy courier if u goes random.
-and do play wards and counter enemy wards.

-and report each time enemy missing.
-and please.not to go for ranks or kills.

please let me do the farming since i am the best farmer.if u wanna do farmer,so then let u do it.but dont when it comes to i supporting and u cant finish the job.

u'll know what will happen.

save me part (i dont know exactly dah berapa part)

okay today is the nastiest, super bad-ass, ugliest fight i had with eliza.

and today the word that i heard from her is :

"get a real job"

"get out from the home and stay kl"

"enough with dota"

"be a guy not a teenager"

"where am i when she need me"

actually, when i do some thinking bout this.i laugh.

yeah,where the hell that i've been when she need me around.oh forgot i was on the bus to KL midnite time,walk my ass from nowhere to HKL.and go back to batu pahat on the same day and straight not 2 times.not 3.not 5 but its 15 times.

it was 15 times and most of the time u were sleeping.and only natalie there.she knows.unless she did keep it down.

and again, get a real job? as u know im undersome kind of scholar ship. would you pay for me scholarship? around 70k + 5k plus with interest? would you?

and next is come and work in kl? first of all get me a job in KL.and then find me a rental house.and get me a car,or bike at least.

enough with dota and teenager? what? i shud do make-up now? or become a photographer? play barbie-doll with you?

and it doesnt end well tonight.its ugly.i deleted most of the text.still the aura is deep.

yeah maybe ur right.

i am just another boy.

im gonna have my rest day

just go if u wanna go.i'll be fine myself.ur rich.ur a lawyer.ur way too matured for me.ur 26,u had ur own job.u had ur home.u had career.u wont meet my friend.u wont eat at mamak stall with me cause it disgust u right?

this is what im gonna say :



after 22 years of living i just did remember this

when i was 5 or 6, my dad bring me to the monster truck show in kelantan.

and he did watch the cinema with was jurassic park

dad, im asking u as a son..

lets talk.

and sought things out..

p/s : how i wish u could read this..em..