friday - sunday

my last grandfather passed away on friday night.while i was hanging out with my kinda sat.but not too sad,because i manage to do something before he goes.look after him in hospital.feed him food..guess it was his time to go right?

its my 2nd time attending and doing funeral.from bathing his body,but not "kapan-kan".and my dad and uncle carry his body before he got buried.and i watch the whole process.still saddening.but what to do right? our time will come sooner or later.

last nite it was korean pop night in singapore held in sistic hall.i had tickets from eliza.but i dont know how to express my feeling.yes i am sad because of the death and also im sad because i cant be there in singapore watching concert.yes i know family matters 1st,but i dont know how to express this sad of because of both thing.

2 times already i miss the chance right between my eye.1stly on april.i had to cancel my trip to korea.and then was devastating u know..very..