what is actually 9999,some people ask me.

demam 9999,
lapar 9999,

kat sini chinese always refers as 9 ni as many.

ex : chinese word : sap 9 - meaning is tak guna.the 9 is used to express the adjective of totally rubbish.

so when i said i am hungry 9999 meaning i am very hungry.

and to add some,

9999 refers to me as i am the barer of the name KCR|9999 in dota arena.when there is 9999 there is me.

the name synonym to the gameplay i do,

i farm 9999,
i deny 9999,
i kill 9999,
hunt 9999,
lanc 9999,
win 9999,
gank 9999,
pro 9999,

that is where KCR|9999 is born.

hope this absurdity of the explanation will get into ur heads.



Anonymous said...

gemok 9999! hahaahahaa..