save me part (i dont know exactly dah berapa part)

okay today is the nastiest, super bad-ass, ugliest fight i had with eliza.

and today the word that i heard from her is :

"get a real job"

"get out from the home and stay kl"

"enough with dota"

"be a guy not a teenager"

"where am i when she need me"

actually, when i do some thinking bout this.i laugh.

yeah,where the hell that i've been when she need me around.oh forgot i was on the bus to KL midnite time,walk my ass from nowhere to HKL.and go back to batu pahat on the same day and straight not 2 times.not 3.not 5 but its 15 times.

it was 15 times and most of the time u were sleeping.and only natalie there.she knows.unless she did keep it down.

and again, get a real job? as u know im undersome kind of scholar ship. would you pay for me scholarship? around 70k + 5k plus with interest? would you?

and next is come and work in kl? first of all get me a job in KL.and then find me a rental house.and get me a car,or bike at least.

enough with dota and teenager? what? i shud do make-up now? or become a photographer? play barbie-doll with you?

and it doesnt end well tonight.its ugly.i deleted most of the text.still the aura is deep.

yeah maybe ur right.

i am just another boy.

im gonna have my rest day

just go if u wanna go.i'll be fine myself.ur rich.ur a lawyer.ur way too matured for me.ur 26,u had ur own job.u had ur home.u had career.u wont meet my friend.u wont eat at mamak stall with me cause it disgust u right?

this is what im gonna say :