post mo-term final AFF Suzuki Cup 2010

ada beberapa perkara aku nak sentuh kat sini.

bahagian 1 : keadaan stadium

-stadium ok.cantik semua cukup lengkap.yang jadi tak bestnya :

i. bawak awek datang tgk bola.kalau awek lu tu betul2 fan takpe.kalau setakat mcm )(&!@*)^*(#)!%_!#$}_ la kan baik lu suruh awek lu duduk rumah je, jangan penuhkan seat stadium kalau lu nak jerit sorak sambil peluk awek lu. boleh bro? semak la mata gua tgk awek lu ni.sakit mata

ii. bapak budak yg beli tiket tuk dewasa 2 tapi bawak anak-anak ramai nak mampus sampai 4-5 pastu dominate seat.lepas tu anak kau melalak tak tentu hala sbb bising pastu nak kencing la nak air la.baik seat tu bagi org lain la.cmon la please. we talking about pure sport nak tgk dgn family beli la home-theater.lepak kat sofa dgn family.masak fries siap2.

iii. pukimak yg letak makanan handbeg atas seat kosong.buat gap.wei babi apa lancau korang ni nak makan ke nak buat fashion show?

bahagian 2 : system & management stadium

i. sepatutnya tiket dgn seat tu cukup.tapi haritu ?

ii. enterance tu patut buat luas sikit.then guna system yg lebih memudahkan org.macam kat lrt tu ke.cmon la gov spend la duit sikit.bukan banyak pon stadium dalam malaysia ni

iii. ok they shud susun the hawkers dgn stall.bukan biar je terabur mcm tu.tak sistematic lansung.

iv. parking.they shud open more parking space dari biarkan 1 way keluar masuk which buat jalan congested dgn jam for 2 hours.bodoh polis.bukak la 2 least.bukan tak boleh.just lazy to do it

3-0 LA DER!

batu pahat version of G7 haha

this is the common thing shared between yuchiri G7(girl 7) and batu pahat G7 (guy 7) :

well here goes

yum (me) and kim shin young :
- i think im having the same trait with organizing.making jokes.
punish people.
- the centre of attraction since i always had the activity listed down for the group
-bad in sports.obviously
-still, never let them down
-keep talking and talking and talking.

wan & sunny :
-the brain of G7 of batu pahat
-less to talk but still talks
-always think far ahead
-serious one
-always laugh
-full of surprises

sapik & victoria :
-hmm i guess the same thing they had is they are addicted with what thing they hold on with.
-victoria goes crazy with plants
-tk goes crazy with computers (gadgets)

sani & goo hara
-always making stupid jokes
-good at sports
-excel in any activities

naim & narsha :
-narsha is old and i think she and naim had the same thought.always doing it the old way
-talk weirdly sometimes

mamat & juyeon :
-always kena blame
-always salah dengar + salah faham
-senang teruja

epi & yuri :
-easy going
-cool n happy type

daus & sori :
-sama mcm epi & yuri

alip & sunhwa :
-both are full of lies
-blank heads
-air heads
-dead weight

20/12/10 - 4.09 am

my next year wishlist :-

i'll list the impossible ones

1. i want a job in korea.
2. i want to get my own house.
3. i want my own car.
4. i want to marry hyomin.
5. i want 4 kids each seperated by 2 years time.
6. i want server/supercomp so i can host this and that
7. i wanna bring down corrupted TMNET down.
8. i wanna send my parents to haji and end my job as the son for now and cont back later when they passed away.
9. i want to get rid of my addictiveness towards internet/dota/fb
10. i wanna be somebody new.

there then half possible ones

1. getting a hug/kiss/present from hyomin
2. meeting her in hongcheon (yuchiri) during my trip to korea.
3. i want alienware 58" LCD for better gaming experience.
4. i want UNIFI installed in my room
5. i want to paint back my room
6. i want to befriend back Helwa and try to keep up with my mistakes. i just wanna be friends.
7. i'll get rid of my childish side and becoming more matured.
8. i will try to keep up with my promise with my friends.
9. will try to organize some events for JG (jyuupon gatana) lets EURO TRIP!
10. i hope all of this 9 things are achieved.

welfare 231 : fudamental of learning/becoming a hobo

8 simple rules if you are a hobo!

1. enter the house without permission. whatever food on the table without any sense of guilt. tv and sleep in the owner bed like there is no more tomorrow.
4.ask for whats in the refrigerator. as u pleased in the house.
6.get rid of the owner.
7.if possible, ask for the owner to pay for ur bills & expenses
8.the more the merrier ( do the maths urself)

haha. ingatkan tau semua tadi :p

the front pc was broken. mom did it.

thought that "u" could fix it.


no you cant.



to a man; self proclaimed genius.

you wont get recognized and respected just only by being smart

people in the society wont accept you for just being smart
lesson of life and how to live arent written in any book

practical is often useful rather then being theoretical
dont always brag, act high and mighty all the time.

realize yourself before you tell others their own weakness.
look at small you are.

being a smart brain doesnt mean anything.
money controls the brains such like you.

in school yeah you cudda prove to mom and dad that your better then us all.
well try your luck in university,
excel in spm/pmr doesnt guerentee anything
eventho you had the chance to learn in the best institute offered to you.

just then.
you didnt live in the time i live in
you didnt know what hell i've been through during my moment in school/uni
in fact i dont mind that your having a smart brain.i dont mind you getting straights A or whatever.

just this one thing.
do not.ever.act high and mighty.
since you dont have a lot of friends.
and dont know how cruel this earth is.

i am telling you little brother.


what will you do when you had homeless people mingling around in your house, and leeching everything that belongs to you?



im clean from dota for 16 days.

haha :)

1001 reason for me to hate muar.

5.14 am in the morning i was in the car driving heading back to batu pahat and i saw this ugly & terrible accident in seri menanti.somewhere in the middle of batu pahat and muar.

a lorry collided with proton gen2. killed both passenger. the 2nd person to arrive to the scene.
my knee shakin like hell.totally terrified. the driver eats the engine, the gen2 was torn into small pieces shattered on the road while the lorry was in the drain with the driver and co-driver flying out from the windshield like a superman.

it happens so fast.lucky im 2-3 minutes behind the accident.else i might end up like them.
organs everywhere.stayed up till the ambulance and police the whole process. cant even think of anything else after that.

guys. if u were driving in the not only in the morning.anytime when u drive,if ur feeling a little tired, or sleepy.stop the car.have a rest.cause 1 mili sec cudda cause u ur life.
please.hear me.

AFF Suzuki Cup

2-0 YAY
muka depan

one crazy idea

thinking that my vacation to korea is getting near..

and just now i was thinking..

whats the odds of getting job there..
and i just need to enroll properly into korean language school,
then start writing resumes

i just need to stay there for 3 months..
if i had no job

i will come back to malaysia..



haha :D

nak complain jugak

1.they all got new phone respectively.
2.they all got driver licence for free.

i never had the chance.
i work on my own to get it.

daddy, u really made me sad.


happy birthday yum :)

tido sepanjang hari.
tak tgk smm.
being alone.
bangun tgh malam.
ear infection.

oh well.but im happy :)

another dota season?

crap man..again with dota..i just thought about ending my career on dota..
but steven is back and now ask me bout joining his team

the ex lanc inc :

qayyumx "qayyumx" abdul razak
fai "inqhisa"
steven "StevenYong38" steven
ariff "crackerzx" syukri
zam "zeroart"
fauzi "BMDGHOST" bachtiar
sai "ryomo010"

these names are feared by some long time ago before i decided to disband it.

the -InS clan by steven current rooster :

steven "M|x^Miracle-|" yong
qayyum "M|x^Hyomin-|" abdul razak

as if i decided to play along side of him.

and we need 3 more decent player.i will take time thinking bout this.

KCR Lan Party II

KCR|9999 a/k/a KCR|Hyumin

listening to t-ara songs haha

i am a very serious player :p

celaka ada je yg nak interframe

told ya i am like MESSI in dota world.i start,they end it

MESSI part 2

tadaa.dota in :D