batu pahat version of G7 haha

this is the common thing shared between yuchiri G7(girl 7) and batu pahat G7 (guy 7) :

well here goes

yum (me) and kim shin young :
- i think im having the same trait with organizing.making jokes.
punish people.
- the centre of attraction since i always had the activity listed down for the group
-bad in sports.obviously
-still, never let them down
-keep talking and talking and talking.

wan & sunny :
-the brain of G7 of batu pahat
-less to talk but still talks
-always think far ahead
-serious one
-always laugh
-full of surprises

sapik & victoria :
-hmm i guess the same thing they had is they are addicted with what thing they hold on with.
-victoria goes crazy with plants
-tk goes crazy with computers (gadgets)

sani & goo hara
-always making stupid jokes
-good at sports
-excel in any activities

naim & narsha :
-narsha is old and i think she and naim had the same thought.always doing it the old way
-talk weirdly sometimes

mamat & juyeon :
-always kena blame
-always salah dengar + salah faham
-senang teruja

epi & yuri :
-easy going
-cool n happy type

daus & sori :
-sama mcm epi & yuri

alip & sunhwa :
-both are full of lies
-blank heads
-air heads
-dead weight