20/12/10 - 4.09 am

my next year wishlist :-

i'll list the impossible ones

1. i want a job in korea.
2. i want to get my own house.
3. i want my own car.
4. i want to marry hyomin.
5. i want 4 kids each seperated by 2 years time.
6. i want server/supercomp so i can host this and that
7. i wanna bring down corrupted TMNET down.
8. i wanna send my parents to haji and end my job as the son for now and cont back later when they passed away.
9. i want to get rid of my addictiveness towards internet/dota/fb
10. i wanna be somebody new.

there then half possible ones

1. getting a hug/kiss/present from hyomin
2. meeting her in hongcheon (yuchiri) during my trip to korea.
3. i want alienware 58" LCD for better gaming experience.
4. i want UNIFI installed in my room
5. i want to paint back my room
6. i want to befriend back Helwa and try to keep up with my mistakes. i just wanna be friends.
7. i'll get rid of my childish side and becoming more matured.
8. i will try to keep up with my promise with my friends.
9. will try to organize some events for JG (jyuupon gatana) lets EURO TRIP!
10. i hope all of this 9 things are achieved.