to a man; self proclaimed genius.

you wont get recognized and respected just only by being smart

people in the society wont accept you for just being smart
lesson of life and how to live arent written in any book

practical is often useful rather then being theoretical
dont always brag, act high and mighty all the time.

realize yourself before you tell others their own weakness.
look at small you are.

being a smart brain doesnt mean anything.
money controls the brains such like you.

in school yeah you cudda prove to mom and dad that your better then us all.
well try your luck in university,
excel in spm/pmr doesnt guerentee anything
eventho you had the chance to learn in the best institute offered to you.

just then.
you didnt live in the time i live in
you didnt know what hell i've been through during my moment in school/uni
in fact i dont mind that your having a smart brain.i dont mind you getting straights A or whatever.

just this one thing.
do not.ever.act high and mighty.
since you dont have a lot of friends.
and dont know how cruel this earth is.

i am telling you little brother.