some great other weekend

hei-ya. sorry for not coming here so often. i've have been busy for a while. juggling in between work, projects, and also some other business.

im gonna briefly talk about esports development - exciting times. last 2 week theres this event LVL UP, held kat KLCC Convention Centre where its like our own mini E3, i went there, as a guest and have a look myself on whats going on. theres syed saddiq there to address and introduce the malaysian team competing in next week SEA Games. kinda exited that finally esports get their chance to be featured in such sports event. its a start. towards the esports growth in SEA, especially here in malaysia.

theres tons of booth on that day, from developers to cosplayers, to showcase their game developments, projects. you name it. they even have this talks on how to groom yourself to become streamer, pro gamer, and also of course from the esports people in the industries. to talk about the growth and future of the esports.

malaysia still have a long long way to get to that pioneer level, but damn sure it starts right here, right now.

and heres some of the picture from the day.

here at the event, tickets courtesty from Whats The Meta! team

i get to test play the GIGABASH game, 100% develop by our own local developer. which is pretty nice. it has super smash bros vibes, with their own unique character. it has 4 character atm, and definitely there will be tons of other char to play with

anyway thats me, weebing myself out

met fiera fendi, awesome as always. 

kinda want to try this iron man VR games but the que is too long. sigh. i waited like 30 mins and the dude wont stop playing. 

again, me but this time i sign up with lapar esports team, our official partner!

considering how are things gonna improve from here on. i have been working on some personal projects too. to convert twt_dota to some esports portal that will cover news, mainly in bahasa, and also will start to produce our own content. we currently the paper is being discussed, and i look forward to this projects. not only dota, but every esports games that we could get our hands on.

till then,