Bla bla bla

Aku adelah veteran dlm online game : GUNBOUND.
Masih ade yg mengenali diri ini.
Miss my old time.
Old time GUNBOUND adelah seronok.
Nowdays GUNBOUND are dull.
New players are cocky.
No respect anymore.
The new one will always replace the old one.
Im still old qayyum who always give my best.

A tribute to my buddies.Malaysian Gunbound Tornament 2005

Mie,Chemau,Me and Wan : ATC Guild.We're champion.

i miss u buddy.without not here

Addicted xD

Im addicted to this game.GUNBOUND.There's my fellow guildmates.


Melayu dengki melayu.How's that sounds to you?

I categorized my self as game-junkies.I do all the types of gaming.Online gaming,console gaming,arcade gaming,phone gaming and what ever gaming.Considerable pro at all time with a small price to pay for my gifts.Heres starts the problem.I'll spell it out to you.




This.This particular adjectives are belonged to the particular group of people called :


It is not about show-off,it is not about bragging and other related-stuff.Im sick of this type of particular groups.Im ashamed to be part of the group.This particular group people just make it worst day-to-day.People jugde.But not personally.But making assumption.And it is called :


which makes non-involved,innocent people get all the bad credits.PERSONALLY including me.
Cmon guys.Just a game.Dont need to be like this.I poke u,u poke me and then a fight starts.We do the game not the game do us.Or this type of people are cursed like the ISRAEL since B.C to be envious,to be in jealousy with the achievements of the others.I dont understand at all.And another problem starts.We get high achievements = we will get the credits such as :



bajet bagus


despite of we say anything and do anything that hurts or mock them.We shut = blamed,we speaks = blamed.So IMHO.The problem occurs because lack of moral values in the particular person itself.70% moral values problem.10% cursed like the ISRAELS.20% tired of being a loser in his/her life.100% DEVIL'S WORK.

Thats 200%.So think again.MELAYU dan ISRAEL.Can u spot the difference?

R i n d u n y e

Inilah kandangku di puncak.Miss it.Terutame time berdota,pukul 6.40 petang.Dan juge tempat lepak utk chow class.Malangnye.tapi ade malangnye.Tingkat 5.Mati aku hari2 manjat -_-

A n n o y e d

Sorry to say.


im not your mother fucking photo editing machine of yours.nobody owns me.just a simple hi and you telling me to edit your mother fucking nice pose pictures? fuck dont even know what is photography is.getting great angle of shots? having babi-face looking? wearing black sunglasses? pearl necklace maybe? im totally annoyed.

finish your PMR,SPM.STPM or at least have a brief introduction about PHOTOCOMM 264 (COMM 264 - PHOTOCOMMUNICATION subject)

then you can tell me what to do with the photo of yours =)

B i r t h d a y

25/11 - Bday atufah cilaka.Had to buy something for him.This jack ass tgh exam STPM.Best buddy for life.Ade lagi 8 org including me and make it total of 9 people.Da mcm akatsuki la pulak.Hahah.Best wishes for u jack ass.Hope kau dapat amek medic kau ingin sangat2 tu sampai sanggup melepaskan segala2nya.Aku respect kau kerana usaha kau yg tak penah jemu tu.

Attufah Cilaka

3/12 - Bday afiqahelmiza.Si gadis yg bole di katekan agak creative (tapi malangnye di bahagian texting je) apekan daye.Seorang master menggunakan belajar darinye.

Helwa Al-Abad

4/12 - Bday helwa.My other half.MUST buy something for her.Dunno what izzit.Promise her a handbeg -_- tapi aku tak geti beli.Last year bagi dia MS 151-R GUNDAM WING 1:44 scale.Kopak dwet aku T_T.This year handbag.Maybe with a book and gonna have dinner at exclusive restaurant.Maybe candlelight dinner and a bday cake with it =) afta that gonna watch late nite movie and send her back home.P/S : hope i'll get a kiss on my cheek hahah XD

5/12 - MY own bday.Oh im getting old -_-.Dunno what to expect on this day.Last year gets 3 cards.From helwa,fiza and eliza.And surely a box full of choc and present from lalink =D.Makasih
Pls god stop my age from growing XD haha.

Mmg mengade makan pun nak suap x)

F o o l e d A g a i n

Tonite i wasted my time.Duhh watching a movie that fool me from the beginning till...errr..mid only la dol.Ingat aku bodo ke ape.Haha xD.Btw its worth watching this movie for RM 6.Agak murah la.And quite entertaining coz CGI dia sangatlah gempak.Aku tertipu di situ -_-"

Well cerita dia pasal satu land ni.Hgro*** (mende tah tak ingat) kene curse dengan Angelina Jolie(demon).Raje pade mase tu mengadekan hubungan sulit dengan demon ni pastu dapat le anak resakse Grendel.Pastu Grendel ni ngamok satu kampong.Pendekkan cite Beowulf ni datang kat kampung tu pastu kasi andau muke Grendel.Dia tak puas lagi dia pegi carik si Angelina Jolie ni nak sapankan muka dia.Last2 Angelina Jolie gode dia [SPOILER] ade bogel2 lol [SPOILER].Dealnye bagi dia anak pastu tinggalkan hadiah raje bagi.Selepas puas berzina, Beowulf balik ke kampong itu dan melobang semua org mengatekan Angelina Jolie da mampos.Raje turun takhta pastu terjon mati.13 taun kemudian resakse nage yg serupe dengan adiah raje yg terjun mati tadi tu attack banda Beowulf.Mcm biase Beowulf pegi kasi andau muke nage tu.Last2 dedua mati.Endingnye Beowulf membunuh anak haramnye dengan Angelina Jolie itu tadi yg menyerupai hadiah raje yg lame.Abes.

A w a n P e t a n g

I miss tasik puncak perdane.Di mane hampir setiap petang aku akan melepak ke sane.Baring di atas rumput yg agak lembut.Ade gak org lain yg lepak situ selain aku.After finding the right-spot.I'll sit down,lay back and watch the clouds as the day turn into night and listening to my MP3.By doing this i feel easy,calm.And most important when im doing this im thinking bout somebody.Somebody are i consider half of me.Somebody that give me what i need.Somebody that i could say "make my life complete" other then our god Allah S.W.T.God knows how much i miss her.And i know so do her =]

Yo folks.

Well, ini adelah percubaan aku yg terbaru tuk membunuh sedikit mase lapang di kale cuti umum ini.So kepade bloggers2 pro di luar sane saye berharap that u could gimme a little brief inside about bloging world.Im still learning tho.And I have some regulation di dalam blog ini.Shortlisted :

1.No flamming.
2.Everybody has its freedom to speak.Freedom of speech so-called.
3.No spamming.
3.No sex talking no sex navigation.
4.No bragging and what-so-eva

So.Blog saye ini akan bertemakan mainly video games review and chit chatting.And ade gak beberape tema seperti arts and photography,movies,hobbies,food and culture.Education pon bole kalau korang layan.Jahaha.Bole jugak kalau sudi nak tuka opinion ke.Sembang pape je.Thats all for now.See u in other posts.

P/S : viewers thanks for ur visit.i need the support from u all to keep posting =]