Melayu dengki melayu.How's that sounds to you?

I categorized my self as game-junkies.I do all the types of gaming.Online gaming,console gaming,arcade gaming,phone gaming and what ever gaming.Considerable pro at all time with a small price to pay for my gifts.Heres starts the problem.I'll spell it out to you.




This.This particular adjectives are belonged to the particular group of people called :


It is not about show-off,it is not about bragging and other related-stuff.Im sick of this type of particular groups.Im ashamed to be part of the group.This particular group people just make it worst day-to-day.People jugde.But not personally.But making assumption.And it is called :


which makes non-involved,innocent people get all the bad credits.PERSONALLY including me.
Cmon guys.Just a game.Dont need to be like this.I poke u,u poke me and then a fight starts.We do the game not the game do us.Or this type of people are cursed like the ISRAEL since B.C to be envious,to be in jealousy with the achievements of the others.I dont understand at all.And another problem starts.We get high achievements = we will get the credits such as :



bajet bagus


despite of we say anything and do anything that hurts or mock them.We shut = blamed,we speaks = blamed.So IMHO.The problem occurs because lack of moral values in the particular person itself.70% moral values problem.10% cursed like the ISRAELS.20% tired of being a loser in his/her life.100% DEVIL'S WORK.

Thats 200%.So think again.MELAYU dan ISRAEL.Can u spot the difference?


Nalajas said...

aku dah lama tau dah melayu mcm tu. tu la aku lagi ramai mmbe bukan melayu dari melayu. haha