you're beautiful. and you're confusing.
you're illogical and you're amazing.

and i've seen the world.
its overrated

until you're everything
i have nothing.

but empty space

raya, post raya, during puasa stuffs.

pretty much few pics and descriptions on what i did - puasa, raya, post raya

involved with a small charity project - gamers 4 good which is aim to raised funds to help those people who are affected with sabah quake. we sell kad raya, jual vvip premium personal collectible stuffs, lelong in game items avatars. was a success even working with a very limited time and workforce ^_^

i came home just to find this in my room. awh so cute. anak kucennnn everywhere :D

last balik last time raya haji last year, and when my aunt passed away last june. almost lupa mcm mana rasa lauk mak masak. dan akhir dapat juga merasa lauk mak masak (after i decide p mati, aku taknak stay sampai rabu baru balik, so i chow on tuesday hahaha), merasa sahur dgn buka sama family. i was busy, and pre-occupied with lotssa works and personal issues to deal with. and u just cant find asam pedas yg betul2 boleh di telan kat KL ni. have to go home to eat one. authentic asam pedas from johor. bukan indon masak, bukan kelantan kedah ke negeri mana masak. heheh

selfie, me and my mom. 

raya 99. siang malam pagi petang selagi ada rumah selagi tu raya.