en route

aite i have been transfered to PJ starting 1/4/2011. so i did some research how am i gonna get my ass there from BTR. as the picture follows.

1. i have to travel by LRT from station to station : LRT Bandar Tun Razak to LRT Taman Jaya

2. This is by motocycle. hmm

3. I gotta walk for 2km when i reach LRT Taman Jaya

haih kuruslah aku lepas ni...

what the fuck have u been doing lately?

Soon it's my dad birthday. This means there's a certain amount of inter-family pressure to stand around the dinning table, eating crappy food and pretending to worship him. Acting for five minutes like dad doesn't make all our lives miserable is the hardest work I'll do all day.

I am his son. I used to be called an asshole, stupid son, nothing but a rubbish son who were told to have to study and study without having a life. I have a girlfriend who I neither manage or service. I'm finding it hard to care about anything these days. In fact, the only thing I do care about is the fact that I can't care about anything. Seriously, it worries me.

My name is Qayyum. My dad walked out on my life when I was around 13 years old. Sometimes I wonder if he ever looked into my chocolate eyes and asked himself "did I just father the most insignificant asshole of the twenty-first century"?

Do the math.

cried.alone.that day.

the dmg is done and beyond repair. i am sad. thats why my FB avatar is a black screen. just like my mind.

really gets in to me tonite.

childhood memories :)

bila resah

neoneun sky, naneun ttang, naneun hyomin-sshi, neoneun dal. you and i, we so fly, geudaen bonnie, naneun clyde

comel kan? kenalkan ni hyomin XD

gamer survival class - GSC 110

this world is full of war and battles. and if u are not ready for it. do not leave ur home. i repeat. do not leave ur home.

and if ur ready to face the world. make sure u bring a lot of firepower with u. again. i repeat. BRING A LOT OF FIRE POWER WITH U.

1. always,always carry a beg pack like this with multiple zip and pockets. do not leave ur house without it

2.do not forget ur phones, ipod, gaming mouse and gaming mousepad.

3. headphones. the good ones i mean.

4.broadband. if u happen to have one.
5. external hard disk full of personal stuffs.

6. a digital camera

and card reader/universal usb too if u have it.
mineral water.
wallet. with enough cash.
and handyplus. in case.

p/s : i never leave my house without these. i am always ready to face anyone anywhere. i am KCR|9999 a/k/a qayyumx.


crazy people need crazy medical attention

i've met somebody crazy in my life. i mean like really really crazy. he claim he is the reincarnation of saidina ali or omar which i didnt remember. he took a girl (both of them is my friend) to the national zoo, go watch the tiger and he yell at the tiger proudly and claim that the tiger is scared of him because he had the powers of the saidina. and he also said that all of the animal in the zoo nodded their heads because of the animal respected him as the new saidina.

besides. this crazy person was close enuf to me and he tells me that his right hand cudda punch walls and break walls easily. and he had ghost warriors with him and can command them to do his biddings.

he also claims that he cud communicate straight to god and god provides him with vision and guidance (hidayah) anytime he wanted. and one day he's just gone crazy and tells everyone in uniten that he is that and that.

if u guys wanna know the ending of this guy, ask me. i dowanna tell about this publicly.

and last month i met someone just near the par of the insanity level of my friend up there.

and he is LuQiee.

and he is just pathetic crazy psycho assholes who claim that he is the most :

•the son of sultan brunei
•livin in a apartment (a flat eventually just like me)
•everybody scares him
•a branded stuffs freak
•paranoid (always issued a police report)
•making his own-self proclaimed google identity for the people messed with him
•an english teacher

click HERE and HERE for more info about LuQiee

and to conclude and as my experience to this case, i do think with prove, both this man have resemblance in their faces. and im gonna start to believe that people who have this kind of face is crazy.

p/s : i see stupid people...they're everywhere...they walk around like everybody else...and they didnt even know that they're dumb..

a troll-bute to meleis

Tribute 1 - Facebook shuts down TODAY - HERE

Tribute 2 - Acid/Radioactive rain will cause cancer and deaths - HERE

tolong la jadi netizen yang celik IT, rajin membaca, dan jangan spread stupid rumors.
paling penting.jangan jadi meleis boleh?

nanti dah #malu, #terkakai, #facepalm, #speechless baru tau.
tak ke malu spread rumors dengan fake and stupid info yang kau bawak dengan copy dari mana ntah sapa2...

tau la nak tunjuk terrer kononnya follow semua hal dunia di samping nakkan attention mostly women la.tapi bila kau post benda yg rumors lepas tu dah salah,kena troll kau nak emo lak.



p/s : marilah kita menjadi belia yang suka membaca

2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

satu malaysian butthurt.aku tak tau apa masalah org2 malaysia.benda mcm ni di kepoh kan?

mmg keluar CNN tapi ireport CNN je kot.

the whole world doenst give a damn. tapi only malaysian, mostly malay give a damn about this. gila bodoh dan memalukan. kepada tukang upload kau ni mmg bodoh. tak faham maksud literal dan subliminal katun ni. aku rasa kesian. taknak marah ke troll ke apa..tapi aku rasa sungguh kasihan...

kalau nak tgk our fellow malaysian yang butthurt sangat boleh pegi sini

facepalm sial aku.duh malu gila.

ni satu lagi. si bodoh FLOM (First Lady Of Malaysia)
tak ada otak. lagi la memalukan. dah sah2 jepun tu duduk dalam lingkaran api pasifik. kenapa tak belajar geography dari dulu? kajian tempatan ke. teknologi hijau kepala bapak. sungguh..aku rasa malu jadi seorang malay yang malaysian...


ketepikan ego

haha.cakap mmg murah.
doktor tau cakap, diagnose. try ada seorang bapak mcm ni.tgk apa kau nak buat?

tell me.what kind of mother are u?

"syurga itu di bawah telapak kaki ibu"

and i find this saying is overrated.i know its true.i know that our prophet says that.but try to step in my shoes.u'll get it why did i say this is overrated.

ok i get it.u work.yeah only u work mom.u work from 7 am - 11 am everyday.yes a kindergarden teacher work as long as that hour.

penat? mmg penat.
mengajar.dan menjadi seorang cikgu mmg penat.

balik rumah pukul 11 pagi kau main facebook sampai la ke pukul 6 petang.anak2 kau biarkan kebulur.

hujung minggu mula la penat.demam.sakit gigi.tak larat.ada je alasan kau untuk taknak masak.
mak jenis apa kau ni? lepas tu kau suruh aku makan luar.bila makan luar kau cakap membazir duit.cakap duit takde.

apa kejadah perangai seorang mak mcm ni? taknak masak. bagi alasan. kerja yang 4 jam penat nya mcm keje kat kuari bijih timah.main facebook sampai pukul 3 petang lepas tu tido sampai pukul 6 bangun tido main facebook lagi.bravo.anak2 kau kebulur.lepas tu cakap anak2 tak hormat mak.

bagus perangai.mmg bagus. bila suruh masak ada je alasan kau.ikan sejuk la.bapak kau tak pegi pasar la.tu semua alasan kau.benda ada je dalam peti ais.bukan takde.

tapi aku rasa lepas ni aku dah tak payah complain dah.sbb aku nak berambus dah dari rumah ni.sick and tired of u mom.sorry to say.bukan tak hormat.tapi aku hilang hormat kepada mak yang tak function mcm seorang mak.

aku tak kesah kena sumpah jadi batu mcm si tanggang.aku nak betulkan sejarah dan mitos si tanggang.biar aku jadi benchmark untuk semua.

terima kasut.

seorang anak yang emosi, yang tak kenang budi dan jasa seorang mak yang lahirkan dia ke muka bumi.anak derhaka dan tak hormat mak.serta percaya semua MAK TAK LAYAK DAPAT saying "SYURGA DI BAWAH TELAPAK KAKI IBU"


EPL reporting

my full condolences goes to arsenal fans.since last 2 weeks. they didnt win against sunderland.the 2 goals were denied by the referee. they have been pulverized at Camp Nou against Barcelona. banyak star players injured and tonite against manchester united. ntahkan menang entah tidak... the last year that arsenal wining cup is at 2004.before they moved to emirates.

arsenal - sunderland : 0-0
arsenal (away) - barcelona : 3-1



this movie doesnt need to be introduced no more right?

ok aku tau.movie ni mmg lawak. catch-phrase, punch line dalam movie ni semua mmg best dgn lawak.

watak usop.watak husin.watak haji2 sekalian,watak kak limah.semua la senang kata ya mmg best n kelakar.

ok ini part yang best la.

tapi jadi tak best bila jadi ikutkan orang.

aku tgk status facebook sana. "BAKO" "SOLEY-SOLEY" etc2 yang lain.

seriusly. are u guys fuckin retarded? have u lost ur mind completely? or aku punya humor-taste-buds yang dah rosak?

no buddy.u are the one who gone mad.

seriusly i am fuckin irrated, annoyed with these kind of people.

well i have no more complain to jolt down here.



aite.now im pissed off.as far as u guys know, i have very sensitive nose. easily kena selsema if the area is dusty, too cold, asap rokok, asap bakar and whatever.

and now im pissed off because ada kedai runcit ni dia bakar all of the store waste. and guess what bila dia bakar plastik and getah sekali. bau asapnya mcm pukimak and the smell will last until nite.and because of that aku selsema, hidung gatal + iritated.

1st of all. ada tujuannya kenapa tong sampah tu di cipta. ya tuhan...kenapa la otak kau ni bodoh sangat wahai pengusaha kedai runcit...really...tak kesah la kau bukak kedai kau kat area kampung ke, berpokok ke, berrumput ke,bersemak samun ke i dont really fucking care.

guna otak la bodoh.please la org melayu.guna otak tu.ok fine kalau kau malas sangat nak angkat sampah2 kau letak dalam tong sampah. at least alihkan sampah2 kau tu.jauhkan dari tempat kau nak bakar sampah.sesungguhnya aku tak faham dan tak mengerti, kenapa kau begitu pemalas dan bodoh skali. kotak2 yg kau bakar tu boleh recycle kau tau tak? bau benda yg kau bakar tu kalau aku letak kau kat situ 3 jam tgk kau boleh tahan ke tak.


grow some brain

plan.its not always go on its path but its rather relevant to stick to the plan eventho things went wrong in the first place.

- u dont ruin others plan because of u dont know who's attending
- u dont make the call when the place of meeting is set unless u are told to do so
- u dont have to convince other people not to join or attend because of u not attending
- dont fuck things up when its smooth sailing ahead

was a bit disappointed last nite with several people.

u dont have the qualification to talk about responsibility to me.

look at urself man.dont,fuck things just because u feel like fucking it around.u urself a mess.how can i be ur talking points about responsibility?

i deserve to get angry because i planned all of the shit, and i didnt let my emo go thru it.im just saying i am mad and i am angry and i need to scold some people.

i am trying so hard to gather people around and please, do think about others before u decide to ruin it for fun.

thank you.
if u had anything to say,

email me at


sekian.terima kasut.


yesterday i went to the mall tuk cari controller xbox360 since i wanna play fifa 11 effectively.tapi takde. 3 mall aku pegi.semua kata habis.kena order.wtf??

so dengan hati yang hampa dan menerima takdir yg xbox360 takkan di jual pada diri ini..aku merayau2 kat mall.pekena kusi ogawa rm 5..ciken ricee shoop sikit then aku decide nak beli mousepad.since mousepad lama dah gg.

tadaa roccat taito

nice eh?