grow some brain

plan.its not always go on its path but its rather relevant to stick to the plan eventho things went wrong in the first place.

- u dont ruin others plan because of u dont know who's attending
- u dont make the call when the place of meeting is set unless u are told to do so
- u dont have to convince other people not to join or attend because of u not attending
- dont fuck things up when its smooth sailing ahead

was a bit disappointed last nite with several people.

u dont have the qualification to talk about responsibility to me.

look at urself man.dont,fuck things just because u feel like fucking it around.u urself a can i be ur talking points about responsibility?

i deserve to get angry because i planned all of the shit, and i didnt let my emo go thru just saying i am mad and i am angry and i need to scold some people.

i am trying so hard to gather people around and please, do think about others before u decide to ruin it for fun.

thank you.
if u had anything to say,

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