crazy people need crazy medical attention

i've met somebody crazy in my life. i mean like really really crazy. he claim he is the reincarnation of saidina ali or omar which i didnt remember. he took a girl (both of them is my friend) to the national zoo, go watch the tiger and he yell at the tiger proudly and claim that the tiger is scared of him because he had the powers of the saidina. and he also said that all of the animal in the zoo nodded their heads because of the animal respected him as the new saidina.

besides. this crazy person was close enuf to me and he tells me that his right hand cudda punch walls and break walls easily. and he had ghost warriors with him and can command them to do his biddings.

he also claims that he cud communicate straight to god and god provides him with vision and guidance (hidayah) anytime he wanted. and one day he's just gone crazy and tells everyone in uniten that he is that and that.

if u guys wanna know the ending of this guy, ask me. i dowanna tell about this publicly.

and last month i met someone just near the par of the insanity level of my friend up there.

and he is LuQiee.

and he is just pathetic crazy psycho assholes who claim that he is the most :

•the son of sultan brunei
•livin in a apartment (a flat eventually just like me)
•everybody scares him
•a branded stuffs freak
•paranoid (always issued a police report)
•making his own-self proclaimed google identity for the people messed with him
•an english teacher

click HERE and HERE for more info about LuQiee

and to conclude and as my experience to this case, i do think with prove, both this man have resemblance in their faces. and im gonna start to believe that people who have this kind of face is crazy.

p/s : i see stupid people...they're everywhere...they walk around like everybody else...and they didnt even know that they're dumb..


jeremy said...

are you just plain stupid?

do you even know how to talk?

complete waste of a web site