gamer survival class - GSC 110

this world is full of war and battles. and if u are not ready for it. do not leave ur home. i repeat. do not leave ur home.

and if ur ready to face the world. make sure u bring a lot of firepower with u. again. i repeat. BRING A LOT OF FIRE POWER WITH U.

1. always,always carry a beg pack like this with multiple zip and pockets. do not leave ur house without it not forget ur phones, ipod, gaming mouse and gaming mousepad.

3. headphones. the good ones i mean.

4.broadband. if u happen to have one.
5. external hard disk full of personal stuffs.

6. a digital camera

and card reader/universal usb too if u have it.
mineral water.
wallet. with enough cash.
and handyplus. in case.

p/s : i never leave my house without these. i am always ready to face anyone anywhere. i am KCR|9999 a/k/a qayyumx.