banjir pantai timur 2015 - post 2

tmr is the last week i'll be in kelantan. im having a very bad migraine since this morning till i was forced to go to the hospital. effing hurts. its been a while since this kind of migraine struck onto my head. nevermind, i'll just continue my story about my mission to kelantan

ok. i lied. mcm biasa, picture in picture explanation haha. 2nd day - kuala kerai

my orders are simple. restore things over there, help whatever u can. establish connection, and help people reconcile with their loved ones. and for ur info, the town of kuala kerai is situated slightly on a higher groud. so imagine, how kuala kerai got themselves drowning in the flood.

according to the locals there, he said, when the water start rising, he went back home to save his belongings, and as the start his hilux and getting out from the house, the water level is as high as his knee. and as he drive forward, he can see that the flood has taken out his barn or something, as he drive his hilux at 80 kmh, and the flood, with his bard, at the same speed as he in.

in kuala kerai, theres very minimum signal, or u can say theres nothing here, execpt for the LTE on TM GO. even our satellites also experiencing trouble getting the signal eventho we had strong readings. takes almost 2 hours to establish proper connection here.

town of kuala kerai - 1st look

building destroyed. people are scavenging for things and take whatever left for them

town of kuala kerai, or whatever's left of it

our TM outlet, completely destroyed. total loss

our CEO evaluating the outlet conditions and having a small talk with the people there

their only source of water, that time

the only water source

look at the tree. that is how high the water got itself climbing in kuala kerai

idk whos house issit. but one thing for sure, theres nothing left of it 

our satellite van.

streets, destroyed.

help from other organization arrives with supplies. theres still hope in our country :)

people sleeps here at night :(

ok. part 2 is only till here. ja!


i think i waste more time on watching - 1000 ways to die in CBS hd, sometimes on youtube too. last night i find myself pretty much wasted with tv remote on my boxer pocket, still watching the show, at number #341.

lol. lol.

MJB - Meet Joe Black

remember what i said about quitting dota and stuffs? its happening. yeap. its happening. but before i finally go. i want to leave something behind. anyway, at twt_dota, theres a lot of projects/events is on their way. were done with #LobbyAmalV2. managed to earn about RM 1.4k. and already distributed to those flood victims n kelantan as i am here with my work.

anyway, i was planning on to create a team under twt_dota. and recently i formed this team called Meet Joe Black, and they are incredibly strong. with a 10-0 records currently. and im thinking about having two teams playing under twt_dota and probably going to join each and every tournament that is going to be held in Klang Valley area or within our reach. be it amateur or professional tournament, all i want to do is to develop more and more talents, and make e-sports scene here in Malaysia, getting the recognition it shud be getting.

so, meet my team. Meet Joe Black

Meet Joe Black current player list : -

Marv - position 1
Adversity - position 2
Kayum - position 3/4
F1nn the Fukboi - position 3/4
Believe - position 5

p/s : and i think i am going to leave this team to be the manager, leaving position 3 open, currently looking for standin(s), Adversity is also leaving the team because he wanted to form his own team and we'll see how it goes. i have a few candidates but theres nothing to be confirmed as Major All Stars League and TJLANPARTY 3 is yet to be announce when its going to be held. 

i think this team is a well balanced team. old school style of play with a little bit of current new meta twist. and whats unique about this is team is, position 2 till 5, everybody can rotate their roles well and adjust themselves to the playstyle we choose to play.

MJB in the lobby, our 1st game, marv is late.

MJB 1st 3 wins againts KKM

look at our draft. anything familiar? 

and i hope, i can absorb MJB into our program. and i think i have found another team to play under twt_dota. doesnt matter if we didnt win any. i just want them to develop into something better and hopefully not to waste their talent just like what i did, during my time.

akhir kata, majulah e-sports untuk malaysia! 

banjir pantai timur 2015 - post 1

awal tahun 2015 sudah begitu mencabar bagi aku. belom apa-apa lagi aku dah kena assign untuk revive semula TM kelantan. baru sehari mula kerja kat sini, dah kena assign pegi sana. but overall, new experience for me. rasa bangga dapat berbakti pada masyarakat once again. keadaan kat sana, tak terkata. speechless. sangat lah teruk. lama tak menulis blog rasa kekok, jadi aku cerita picture in picture jela ye?

tenkiu for the day out!

rombongan 6 hilux menuju ke kelantan. membawa pelbagai supplies untuk diberikan kepada mangsa banjir

perjalanan itu memenatkan. sangat jauh tambah jam lagi

people in manik urai. menunggu bantuan luar rumah. mengharap air bersih

pukul 1 pagi baru sampai hotel. gerak pukul 10 pagi

1st day in kelantan, expecting the day is going to be one hell of a day...

outlet visiting in Kota Bahru. teruk...

habis tengglam air naik sampai ceiling 

bilik CEMT pon habis

streets of KB after the flood.

right. akan bersambung in the next post. ja!