MJB - Meet Joe Black

remember what i said about quitting dota and stuffs? its happening. yeap. its happening. but before i finally go. i want to leave something behind. anyway, at twt_dota, theres a lot of projects/events is on their way. were done with #LobbyAmalV2. managed to earn about RM 1.4k. and already distributed to those flood victims n kelantan as i am here with my work.

anyway, i was planning on to create a team under twt_dota. and recently i formed this team called Meet Joe Black, and they are incredibly strong. with a 10-0 records currently. and im thinking about having two teams playing under twt_dota and probably going to join each and every tournament that is going to be held in Klang Valley area or within our reach. be it amateur or professional tournament, all i want to do is to develop more and more talents, and make e-sports scene here in Malaysia, getting the recognition it shud be getting.

so, meet my team. Meet Joe Black

Meet Joe Black current player list : -

Marv - position 1
Adversity - position 2
Kayum - position 3/4
F1nn the Fukboi - position 3/4
Believe - position 5

p/s : and i think i am going to leave this team to be the manager, leaving position 3 open, currently looking for standin(s), Adversity is also leaving the team because he wanted to form his own team and we'll see how it goes. i have a few candidates but theres nothing to be confirmed as Major All Stars League and TJLANPARTY 3 is yet to be announce when its going to be held. 

i think this team is a well balanced team. old school style of play with a little bit of current new meta twist. and whats unique about this is team is, position 2 till 5, everybody can rotate their roles well and adjust themselves to the playstyle we choose to play.

MJB in the lobby, our 1st game, marv is late.

MJB 1st 3 wins againts KKM

look at our draft. anything familiar? 

and i hope, i can absorb MJB into our program. and i think i have found another team to play under twt_dota. doesnt matter if we didnt win any. i just want them to develop into something better and hopefully not to waste their talent just like what i did, during my time.

akhir kata, majulah e-sports untuk malaysia!