the poet and the pendulum on hiatus

takboleh nak generate artistic idea skarang ni.

so series the poet and the pendulum on hiatus.

sampai la baik demam ni.

ja ne

i dont want to be mean

really.if u had any undisputed things with me.come straight to me.dont have to be so discrete about 23.lets do it the maturely ways.

there's no need to act smart by looking for my mistakes.or make a joke out of a typo,saying things on my look.

ha.tak puas ati cakap.easy.can settle this like a man.really.

define justice in this case :

u make a joke on how fat i may be,but when i joke something about u,why dont u keep it up within urself.

tadaimaa (im home)


im sending this msg to anybody who reads. currently at home,from thursday till sunday (im on mc)
and currently i didnt have my voice with me.
having a fever.


the poet and the pendulum - part one

part one - white lands of empathica

the end.
the songwriter is dead.
the blade fell upon him
taking him to the white lands
of empathica.
of innocence.


a months work

i've been working for a month.guess this the starting of the new me.

so less dota.
less sleep.
less eating.
im totally changed.


not much on the par with student life.


just sub the work with study.
voila,there u go.



define waste.

since everything is a waste to you, from educational to leisure and imporatant things,
i might as well says that since living,and breathing and being human is a waste,

go end your life.

and since everything is waste too,

when you die,dont held a funeral cause its a waste,dont incinerate too since its wasting money,and let you rot and become fertilizer for the soil? the more organic the better aite? waste your organic dead cells to the soil.

i made promise to myself;

im gonna be the most awesome,the most cool dad for my kids in the future.
watch me.

reborn.rebirth - uverworld's rainy


I view the world as an ugly place but it manage to brings beauty in its very own way somehow..sometimes. I wish I could say I'm simple, but define simple? our mind is a complicated piece of art God created, and so sometimes i do things i think i want but the truth is its not what i need. Sometimes i say things out loud but in actual fact, i didnt have too. I dont need unnecessary drama in my messed up life. so pls, leave or dont bother walking into my life if u are gonna be a pain in the ass. and yes, pls stay if u plan to be friends.

I think i am:
I am loud, but yet i can be quiet. I'm smiling but there will be days i'll put on my poker face. I will play nice, but dont cross the line. I dont pick fights but if u want im down only with the aim to hurt u so u cant hurt me anymore in anyway,forever.Same goes, when i love, i love with all my heart and aim only to care and be there for u whenever u need me, and be the one u can lean on and trust. Last, i'm trying to find myself, i lost me when i start to be involve with the world so please forgive me if i make mistakes and tell me so i can fix me to be a better me

-the name is yum.close people called me bo,mok,boss.
-im arrogant.sorry cant help it
-"in ur face" type of people with a little bit of "why dont u figure it out by urself"
-i hurt people with my mind riddles
-tend to be dependable,but im not.
-keeping a stable line between madness and reality.go ask my fellows what did i do.
-im good with words,close people tends to ask opinions.but im not always right but i never wrong
-i hope for a better future for this world,saying this world cant be saved,but still im doing something to change this world.

a cure

ahh again with the working issue.haha ok dont get bored.i think i just found the cure for my dota addiction

when u work,means u earn money not by sitting ur ass all day long.u must do chores,u must do labors.and this chores and labors leads to the thing we called RESPONSIBILITY.

here,where do i work, i work in a large the labors are sub into small in order to complete it, we gotta do our own jobs.and if we cant complete the jobs,u know what'll happen aite?

so then,for the 1st 2 weeks.i've been heading home at night.usually around 10 and 11 pm.
and i end up in my room 11.30 and sort.then i'll have my meal.go bath.since im tired,sometimes i straight jump into the bed.most of the time i waste watching dramas and getting sleep while the drama is watching me.

to talk about this,dota has been ONE with me since i was 17.when i was in uitm.rofl.i started to play Judgement Dooms Day (D-Day) in local cybercafes during my school time then shifted to dota when i was in uitm.

i meet someone who used to play dota,i never acknowledge him as a pro because he played dota and keep to bully me and start to get cocky when he beat my ass off.well then i keep on playing dota on my own and train with the heroes and experimenting items and combos.

i fought with several people during the uitm season.since the hostels is equipped with internet,the battle lan is the battlefield for me.for almost 3 years,i've tried almost everything (everything means in the noobest way) and join a local uitm match.

and after i ended uitm, a friend suggest to me GARENA,so i played on GARENA and meet new people there.and its 1st i realize that its nothing compared to those people in uitm.aha but when i meet the "real" players,i realize my skills are nothing compared to them.

so then my journey begins.i keep on training.learning new skills,new combos,the proper way to use the heroes,teamworks and stuffs.founding a legendary team called Lanc.Inc and GFG.and then disbanded and i joined KCR.join a lot of tournament and play alot of league/competetive games.

and then,here am i.still not a pro.but i can promise u i am a formidable player and u wont beat me easily while im gonna whoop ur ass just like taking a candy from a baby.haha.

oh i forget,i formed a group lately.being their teacher for not more then 3 months.the uniten famous BK team (Botol Kicap) haha.they can play,but they need a lot of training.alot.i mean it.

oh well.if this the stop for me in the journey of dota career,i wont have any regrets.i meet and made alot of friends.and im happy to say im having a great time with dota,badtimes and goodtimes too.




i've been doing nothing since im working.all i know is get up,go dress,go to work and go back home.
the time spent for dota also is lessen.

well i've been watching a drama called : Coffee House.its a korean drama.

well to tell the truth, im a korean hater myself.but its long long ago.ah enuf.well im watching this at 1st because this drama stars HAM EUNJUNG from T-ARA (t-ara love uh uh) haha.

so i do download the 1st and 2nd episode just to see how well she stars.i find it quite good for a then,i keep on downloading this series for the full episode.episode 18 and yeah this is one helluva great drama.

theres nothing much that i cud do in the office.i surf the net.abusing the high speed net to utube and download stuffs.hehe

ahh im beginning to turn like my dad.working robot..

boo hoo clapping song

on 4th august 2010, approximately 0141 hours.i receive a text msg.

it says :

"guess u get the news in the end.cant hide it anymore.lets say ourself a farewell ?,be good,stay healthy,dont skip work,be a good brother,be a good friend, dont stop doing what u like.

ur a good person and ur approach to this world is lyke no other.ur special.a treasure.

lets say goodbye and not to get intimidated with each i dh ckp bykk sgt.

kay lah.take care :)"

i was like,huh huh? hello? sbb tgh main dota that time.and i try to call/text back.tak dapat/balas.
man..what/when i did wrong?

and now i lost another portion of my heart.its shatters into pieces a year ago.and it happens again.

still i didnt get it.what news? is it the picture i look from natt mms? least i deserve an explaination..

ah mampuslah..cant think much bout it..

im working 12 hour everyday and lacking sleep..too much things to worries right now.and this is not one of it.definitely..

god,give me more strength.i seek and need peace.gimme peace inside.

p/s : ramadan is comming.lets be good.dont worrie bout me.i'll manage!
yuminho! fighting!


i wanna be a good man.

but how?


Burn Out Bright

Does it have to start with a broken heart,
Broken dreams and bleeding parts?
We were young and world was clear
Young ambition disappears
I swore it would never come to this
The average, the obvious

I’m still discontented down here
I’m still discontented

If we only got one try
If we’ve only got one life
If time was never on our side
Before I die I want to burn out bright

So a spark ignites
In time and space
To make it through this human race
You fight and crawl your way back home
But you’re running the wrong way

The future is a question mark
With kerosene electric sparks
There’s still fire in you yet
Yeah there’s still fire in you

If we only got one try
If we’ve only got one life
If time was never on our side
Before I die I want to burn out bright

I can’t clean up the mess I’ve made
I can’t clean up the mess I’ve made

Can’t sleep in the bed I’ve made
Can’t sleep in the bed I’ve made

If we only got one try
If we’ve only got one life
If time was never on our side
Before I die I want to burn out bright