i've been doing nothing since im working.all i know is get up,go dress,go to work and go back home.
the time spent for dota also is lessen.

well i've been watching a drama called : Coffee House.its a korean drama.

well to tell the truth, im a korean hater myself.but its long long ago.ah enuf.well im watching this at 1st because this drama stars HAM EUNJUNG from T-ARA (t-ara love uh uh) haha.

so i do download the 1st and 2nd episode just to see how well she stars.i find it quite good for a beginner.haha.so then,i keep on downloading this series for the full episode.episode 18 and yeah this is one helluva great drama.

theres nothing much that i cud do in the office.i surf the net.abusing the high speed net to utube and download stuffs.hehe

ahh im beginning to turn like my dad.working robot..