reborn.rebirth - uverworld's rainy


I view the world as an ugly place but it manage to brings beauty in its very own way somehow..sometimes. I wish I could say I'm simple, but define simple? our mind is a complicated piece of art God created, and so sometimes i do things i think i want but the truth is its not what i need. Sometimes i say things out loud but in actual fact, i didnt have too. I dont need unnecessary drama in my messed up life. so pls, leave or dont bother walking into my life if u are gonna be a pain in the ass. and yes, pls stay if u plan to be friends.

I think i am:
I am loud, but yet i can be quiet. I'm smiling but there will be days i'll put on my poker face. I will play nice, but dont cross the line. I dont pick fights but if u want im down only with the aim to hurt u so u cant hurt me anymore in anyway,forever.Same goes, when i love, i love with all my heart and aim only to care and be there for u whenever u need me, and be the one u can lean on and trust. Last, i'm trying to find myself, i lost me when i start to be involve with the world so please forgive me if i make mistakes and tell me so i can fix me to be a better me

-the name is yum.close people called me bo,mok,boss.
-im arrogant.sorry cant help it
-"in ur face" type of people with a little bit of "why dont u figure it out by urself"
-i hurt people with my mind riddles
-tend to be dependable,but im not.
-keeping a stable line between madness and reality.go ask my fellows what did i do.
-im good with words,close people tends to ask opinions.but im not always right but i never wrong
-i hope for a better future for this world,saying this world cant be saved,but still im doing something to change this world.