boo hoo clapping song

on 4th august 2010, approximately 0141 hours.i receive a text msg.

it says :

"guess u get the news in the end.cant hide it anymore.lets say ourself a farewell ?,be good,stay healthy,dont skip work,be a good brother,be a good friend, dont stop doing what u like.

ur a good person and ur approach to this world is lyke no other.ur special.a treasure.

lets say goodbye and not to get intimidated with each i dh ckp bykk sgt.

kay lah.take care :)"

i was like,huh huh? hello? sbb tgh main dota that time.and i try to call/text back.tak dapat/balas.
man..what/when i did wrong?

and now i lost another portion of my heart.its shatters into pieces a year ago.and it happens again.

still i didnt get it.what news? is it the picture i look from natt mms? least i deserve an explaination..

ah mampuslah..cant think much bout it..

im working 12 hour everyday and lacking sleep..too much things to worries right now.and this is not one of it.definitely..

god,give me more strength.i seek and need peace.gimme peace inside.

p/s : ramadan is comming.lets be good.dont worrie bout me.i'll manage!
yuminho! fighting!