a cure

ahh again with the working issue.haha ok dont get bored.i think i just found the cure for my dota addiction problem.yeah.work.

when u work,means u earn money not by sitting ur ass all day long.u must do chores,u must do labors.and this chores and labors leads to the thing we called RESPONSIBILITY.

here,where do i work, i work in a large group.so the labors are sub into small pieces.so in order to complete it, we gotta do our own jobs.and if we cant complete the jobs,u know what'll happen aite?

so then,for the 1st 2 weeks.i've been heading home at night.usually around 10 and 11 pm.
and i end up in my room 11.30 and sort.then i'll have my meal.go bath.since im tired,sometimes i straight jump into the bed.most of the time i waste watching dramas and getting sleep while the drama is watching me.

to talk about this,dota has been ONE with me since i was 17.when i was in uitm.rofl.i started to play Judgement Dooms Day (D-Day) in local cybercafes during my school time then shifted to dota when i was in uitm.

i meet someone who used to play dota,i never acknowledge him as a pro because he played dota and keep to bully me and start to get cocky when he beat my ass off.well then i keep on playing dota on my own and train with the heroes and experimenting items and combos.

i fought with several people during the uitm season.since the hostels is equipped with internet,the battle lan is the battlefield for me.for almost 3 years,i've tried almost everything (everything means in the noobest way) and join a local uitm match.

and after i ended uitm, a friend suggest to me GARENA,so i played on GARENA and meet new people there.and its global.at 1st i realize that its nothing compared to those people in uitm.aha but when i meet the "real" players,i realize my skills are nothing compared to them.

so then my journey begins.i keep on training.learning new skills,new combos,the proper way to use the heroes,teamworks and stuffs.founding a legendary team called Lanc.Inc and GFG.and then disbanded and i joined KCR.join a lot of tournament and play alot of league/competetive games.

and then,here am i.still not a pro.but i can promise u i am a formidable player and u wont beat me easily while im gonna whoop ur ass just like taking a candy from a baby.haha.

oh i forget,i formed a group lately.being their teacher for not more then 3 months.the uniten famous BK team (Botol Kicap) haha.they can play,but they need a lot of training.alot.i mean it.

oh well.if this the stop for me in the journey of dota career,i wont have any regrets.i meet and made alot of friends.and im happy to say im having a great time with dota,badtimes and goodtimes too.