whos better?

chinese claims their is the best
there goes the same as the malays

but the fact is.

•malays controls the government and agriculture
•chinese dominating the commerce and industries

and from these facts,
i realized that:

chinese need basic needs.safety and lands from the malays
and the malays need a convenient life from the chinese
(only the chinese in the taiwan or hong kong such as the likes of chan ho nam can do more violence,here in malaysia,they cannot - personal opinion)

what is the most chinese didnt realize that,

the big issue in chinese is the malay quotas.the keep on condamning this quota.
but didnt the chinese realized that they need to survive on the alliance party (UMNO MCA MIC) on the politic world by winning malay votes to MCA

to me.its a WIN WIN SITUATION.

and the most obvious is,

the chinese see that mostly normal school,chinese student's grades are better then malays.

but the reality is,

more then 60 mrsm and 50 sekolah berasrama penuh.
isnt that elite?
not any ordinary malay people can enter this elite school dammnit.

now to the spm part.

mrsm and sbp produce 30% straight A student per year

the chinese only thinks that they are the only ones do the hardwork.
the malays also doing their hardwork

the reality is,
the chinese see that other chinese is a competitor.not the malays

most malay at the local uni work their ass off into uni with scholarships.
sadly alot of malay who cant get the scholarship to go anywhere after spm goes merempit
as their carrier

reality is?
chinese can further overseas.

do the malays?
most cant.only the lucky bastard got the chance to further overseas.

so.what say you?

p/s :me? i had enough pwning "their" candy ass of day and night.
until i got banned.
(do not accuse me for being racist on the word "their")

dunia yg sangat ironic.

haha.penah tak dengar ayat mcm ni.

1.dunia ni kecik je.besok lusa jumpa la balik.
2.dunia ni luas terbentang.mcm2 kau boleh jumpa esok lusa.

ironic bukan?
pemikiran menguasai ironic,kata2 negatif dan juga positif.

apakah jenis pemikiran anda?

kau sebok nak tau buat hape haha XD

p/s : ironic dan hipokrit adalah benda yg amat serupa pada aku.
people lies =)

mari kita lihat.siapa yg akan mengotakan janji meraka.

israel dah benti dari attack palestin.
pbb president bam ki-noom nak tangkap dah dalang yg suruh attack palestin
obama dah buat deal dgn mahmoud abas (PM palestin)
obama dah janji nak memperbaiki hubungan dua hala dgn dunia islam (wallahualam)
(source UTUSAN MALAYSIA kamis-sabtu)
*baca before kau menulis koment wahai para pendusta serta hiporkrit.

skarang ni.
skarang jugak.

kepada sesiapa yg preaching aku suruh stop guna barang2 amerika + israel.
kita lihat
sampai bila kau mampu bertahan.
dgn kata2 dan tindakkan mu itu
pilih mana title kamu
kalau perokok tu.pls la diam eh.
kau sendiri hisap dunhill.ok la isap brand lain bole.bole ke benti isap rokok? harhar~


heh.if i see any of you yg buat anything or makan anything or watch anything dari israel ke amerika ke walaupun sedikit.im gonna kick the shit out of u si hipokrit terbesar.

p/s : rihanna datang kl under celcom.pegi tgk? kapir nye kauu~ kan america pop idol tu lalala~
so pengguna celcom secara tak lansung sumbang pade amerika.so aku assume pengguna celcom adalah pembunuh kanak2 palestin? kau jawab untuk aku =]

heavy metal on.

heavy metal siak.

eiffel 65 - blue di heavy metalkan oleh ten masked man.LOL SEDAP + LAYAN

whyyyyy soooooo nooooooob? (gaya joker)

lol baru 17 min dan 39 saat sudah TRIPLE KILL + UNSTOPPABLE

+2 minit lagi sorang lg mangsa menjadikan MONSTER KILL!
btw baru lvl 12.item ada pervs dgn pt je.LOL

+1 minit lagi +1 lagi mangsa menjadikan ia total kepada GODLIKE
btw mamat ni pull plug.lari.takut.noob.zzzz

gahahaha.sekeleton king yg 2 kali nyawa tu pon tak tahan la dia.
beyond GODLIKE under 30 MINUTES.
wahwahwahwahwahwa bestnye dominating others.LOL

jibai dia lari.dia bunuh org bole.org bunuh dia tabole.nooob leaver.
{L}(Gorgon)has left the game.
tak tahan dia asek kene sapu je.LOLOL
MCBKNNCBKCCB noob la.sape kate cina pro main dota? sak mai bloody dik pls.

21 kills
2 deaths
11 assist
2 battle fury
1 helm of dominator
1 power treads
1 bottle

in 37 minutes.

p/s : fastest game 17 mins,fastest godlike 12 mins.hoho personal records.
bapak lagaknye aku.haihs.masuk neraka wehhhhhhhhhh T_T

electric sheep

im feeling empty.
like a traffic jam moving aimlessly.
every minutes,every seconds.
rasanya sangat kosong.
dont know yet what am i looking for.
objectiveless or nonetheless i dont have anything much to do.

several things isnt the same anymore.

i can feel it.
i can accept it.
but some cannot.
they cant live without facing it.
instead of moving on,
they tried to deny it.
trying to runaway from the truth and their problem

anyway.solve it.
but my problem here,
i cant solve it.
how do u solve a lost and empty mind?

dont act smart and told me to remember the "ONE"
yes i do remember that and i know my duty to "HIM"

its hard.being and empty soul,empty heart and empty mind is 3 different concept
simply put :

empty soul - u need to do more spiritual approach.
empty heart - try to befriend someone.or having someone accompany or to talk with
empty mind - this is hard.cannot think of anything.blurr all day long.

guess being anti-social doesnt help much.but then i hate people.gyahh its hard

p/s : congratz obama in the inaguration today.make a change.a miracle i guess.if u could

true facts about jews.

The threat of Jews is always real.
Beware brothers.

for example,jewish martial arts - ninjew,jew-jitsu and jew-do.


i am sick.

em.im sick.i have the disease that is called motion sickness.i am not aware that im having this sickness until er...just now.

the symptoms that im having is feeling nausea, feeling dizzy and fatigue,forced-fasten heartbeat,increasing adrenaline which may contribute to dizziness and headache and vomiting.
hmm.to think about this is weird,but its started when im playing some FPS games (first person shooter)
such as counter-strike,battlefield : vietnam,far cry,halo and sorts.

this is weird bcoz,in my early years of involving myself into the gaming arena, i was a legend on these types of game.but lately past this 1-2 years,i discovered that i cant play that kind of game anymore.causing me to feel sick each time i play.i cant even stand a merely 5 mins of playing.

then, when im driving, when i about cross the zebra line,or the multiple yellow line, i can see that the line is kinda wavvy and i started to see rainbow on the multiple line.moreover,when i in some crowded places like the mall,i cant stand seeing too many people walking around,with all of the noise,i'll lose my sight and eventually will become dizzy and nausea.shit.i am sick.

okay this is what i've got from doing a little bit research on motion sickness :

from wikipedia.

Motion sickness or kinetosis is a condition in which a disagreement exists between visually perceived movement and the vestibular system's sense of movement. Depending on the cause it can also be referred to as seasickness, carsickness, simulation sickness, airsickness, or space sickness.

Dizziness, fatigue, and nausea are the most common symptoms of motion sickness. Sopite syndrome is also a side effect of motion sickness. In fact, nausea in Greek means seasickness (naus means ship). If the motion causing nausea is not resolved, the sufferer will frequently vomit. Unlike ordinary sickness, vomiting in motion sickness tends not to relieve the nausea.

okay contohnya mcm counter strike tadi.berjalan2 dlm games tu.lompat sana sini,leaning left right.otak aku taleh nak bajet bende tu dgn keadaan sekitar aku.so otak aku dah mcm dah hilang balance,then taleh nak bezakan or estimate kedudukan item or tempat tu dgn detail.haha.gila kot senang jadi explaination.

from medicinenet.com

Motion sickness is a very common disturbance of the inner ear that is caused by repeated motion such as from the swell of the sea, the movement of a car, the motion of a plane in turbulent air, etc. In the inner ear (which is also called the labyrinth), motion sickness affects the sense of balance and equilibrium and, hence, the sense of spatial orientation.

Motion is sensed by the brain through three different pathways of the nervous system that send signals coming from the inner ear (sensing motion, acceleration, and gravity), the eyes (vision), and the deeper tissues of the body surface (proprioceptors). When the body is moved intentionally, for example, when we walk, the input from all three pathways is coordinated by our brain. When there is unintentional movement of the body, as occurs during motion when driving in a car, the brain is not coordinating the input, and there is thought to be discoordination or conflict among the input from the three pathways. It is hypothesized that the conflict among the inputs is responsible for motion sickness.

For example, when we are sitting watching a picture that depicts a moving scene, our vision pathway is telling our brain that there is movement, but our inner ear is telling our brains that there is no movement. Thus, there is conflict in the brain, and some people will develop motion sickness in such a situation (even though there is no motion).

em.panjang lebar sungguh explainationnya.

aish..i really need to see a doctor..some site says this is neurological, and some say its psychological.but i dont really care bout that "cal" is that.what i need now is CURE.

help me somebody T_T


p/s : adekah ini balasan daripada aku membazir masa lebih 20 taun berkecimpung di dalam dunia gaming..wallahualam..

noob.you noob.

nah.you noob.yes.you all noob.i am nuub.not noob =D
thats the borderline between us.ur noob.and im nuub.
so.can u go frag urself please?

hanya sekadar berfikir.

several people keep asking me, hey why u drink coke, why do u still eat at kfc and etc2. we must boycott israel things and franchise and sorts. why still do this and that. yes. please stop asking. i am aware of the situation. Israel shits to Palestine, american lending extra hands to israel and sorts.

yes.yes i am aware of allllll that.yes stop preaching me.yes.i mean it.

btw.im kinda impressed.how people changed drastically in a short time.i must admit.a good change.yet,im not.i know im not as good as you people.boycotting all the stuffs and franchise.i know.u can blame me for spending my money to kill the palestinian.yeah blame me.

but.but.a bigggg buttttt here.ops.BUT.yes im truly admire u people doing ur part to ban everything from israel.BUT.ada lagi but.i have my own reason.my personal opinion that people kadang2 slightly taken.but.anyway.im gonna list it here.

1.yes.all of the franchises originated in america or israel.but i need sumbody to show me prove that our own kfc and sort franchises contributes to the america and israel.and with obvious prove.not some rumored websites that only show some statistics and charts.a real prove.i mean it.

2.yes.u alllllll know already.all of the franchises and things and shops and brands orginated from american and israel.why now nak stop.sedangkan dari zaman nabi2 dulu mmg dah lama dah war dgn israel? eh just now ke sedar? LOL? LOL untuk diri sendiri please.tq

3.how long can u do this boycotting.if u can do this until the rest of ur life.yes.u got my humble respects.i mean it.im not being sarcastic.please be real.kalau org buat kau buat,org tak buat then kau tak buat,then where is urself.lembu kena cucuk hidung eh?

4.i think.most of the entertainment sources,brands,technologies comes from america,or produced there,or what ever joint venture production ke israel kasi duit ke to america kan blah3 who knows.so please do the palestinian a favor by not to smoke imported tobacco,instead smoke SAAT,please watch malaysian movie,please buy malaysian coco crunch,please dont use nokia,sony,bla3.please dont watch english entertainment bla3.and the list goes on.this and that.

so.to me.dont do it because of others.do it because of urself.btw jgn anggap this writing as i am supporting the ISRAEL.IM NOT.BETTER KILL ME KALAU MCM TU.so.once u do this. how long can u take it.

"p/s : moral of the story :- if u do sumthing,please take ur heart,body and soul with you"

al-fatihah to all of the muslims victims of palestine in the deviant acts of israeli to them.rest in peace muslims..god bless you.together we unite.

why do human cant/dont/afraid to change?

because life is dangerous and complicated,
and its a long way down

so do i afraid of change?

you all.

you all rather imagine that you all can escape.
instead of actually try,

cause if you all fail,
then you've got nothing so
you'll give up the chance of something real so,
that you can hold on to hope

the thing is,
hope,is for sissies

so,how many guys get a second chance?
too many.

now that ive got mine,
im gonna set it right.

Daybreak's Bell Drum Cover

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

nah.saje2 je test.tatau jadi ke tak.nuub drummer XD.

p/s : pls pause the player down there so u can at least hear what im doing with these electronic drum set ahaha

what do i want in the year 2009?

irrationally, i want these :

a lie detector
a new brain/memory
a computer that linked with my brainwaves
personal defensive trainer.so i can kick ass like the ONG BAK movie
guilt free sms replier/rejector (i wanna say no to all smses and calls)
a set of friends which only responds when i talk to them.and opposite.
weapon vending machine (where i can buy pistol and shoot people anytime anywhere)

rationally, i just want these :

new phone =(
loan from govs,ngos for my further studies gyahh so hard
a watch.i havent had any watches.pity me huh.
a webcam haihs..
a new set of psp."eliza" is not well these days..
a maid
new clothes (i really havent done any shopping for daily clothes these past 2-3 years)
a new wallet i guess?

thats all.not much.dunno if i can achieve all of this.
maybe.maybeeeee.a sugar mummy can afford me all of this =D.
LOL if only im a pretty boy..or a boy toy T_T

Terms and Conditions Applied


kau ketawa,aku pon ketawa.
kau menangis.aku pon join menangis.

itu dulu.


kau ketawa aku pon mestilah ketawa
lepas itu kau menangis.aku akan tetap ketawa.kau nangis lah sorang.


mereka : yum,jom la lepak skali.
aku : okok i'll be there.always


mereka : yum,jom la lepak skali
aku : pay for my bills please?


mereka : yum tolong aku boleh tak? yum pinjam (blablabla) bole tak? yum ni mcm mane ni?
aku : haa tolong apa? aaa bole2 meh la rumah.la bukan camtu.camni la.


mereka : yum tolong aku boleh tak? yum pinjam (blablabla) bole tak? yum ni mcm mane ni?
aku : go figure it out urself.ur problems not mine.my hellhole not urs.

p/s : everyman for himself jackass.everyman for himself.HAR HAR~

the date that i will hate the most all the year

i will hate ,
10 October till i die.
there is no forgiveness,
no mercy,
no way out,
or that particular date.

and please humans.please stop taking the deal selling ur soul to the devil.
the anger,
will turn in to madness,
and madness,
will turn into hatred,
and hatred..
when it happens.
there is no



ape beza? azam baru? cite2 baru? semua nak baru?
tapi kalau diri sendiri pon tak baru.

takpayah pasang azam.senang kate.tak payah pon pikir nak berazam2 ni.
awal2 je azam.usaha lepas azam tu mane?

dah ler.tayah.same je.
har har.

sarcastic sungguh.LOL

p/s : i think for now i cant yet understand "human".but i do understand how do the term "MALAYS" works.