whos better?

chinese claims their is the best
there goes the same as the malays

but the fact is.

•malays controls the government and agriculture
•chinese dominating the commerce and industries

and from these facts,
i realized that:

chinese need basic needs.safety and lands from the malays
and the malays need a convenient life from the chinese
(only the chinese in the taiwan or hong kong such as the likes of chan ho nam can do more violence,here in malaysia,they cannot - personal opinion)

what is the most chinese didnt realize that,

the big issue in chinese is the malay quotas.the keep on condamning this quota.
but didnt the chinese realized that they need to survive on the alliance party (UMNO MCA MIC) on the politic world by winning malay votes to MCA

to me.its a WIN WIN SITUATION.

and the most obvious is,

the chinese see that mostly normal school,chinese student's grades are better then malays.

but the reality is,

more then 60 mrsm and 50 sekolah berasrama penuh.
isnt that elite?
not any ordinary malay people can enter this elite school dammnit.

now to the spm part.

mrsm and sbp produce 30% straight A student per year

the chinese only thinks that they are the only ones do the hardwork.
the malays also doing their hardwork

the reality is,
the chinese see that other chinese is a competitor.not the malays

most malay at the local uni work their ass off into uni with scholarships.
sadly alot of malay who cant get the scholarship to go anywhere after spm goes merempit
as their carrier

reality is?
chinese can further overseas.

do the malays?
most cant.only the lucky bastard got the chance to further overseas.

so.what say you?

p/s :me? i had enough pwning "their" candy ass of day and night.
until i got banned.
(do not accuse me for being racist on the word "their")


Rfq Kml said...

this is sensitive.because I myself have been touch by these abstract thing.
2.merempit.omg.haha XD
3.berani meh sini cina naek kepale taknak kene sauk pakai helmet.meh meh.cibai kia lu lancao

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

yeah.these facts.
i think the gov kene ajar semua org.