what do i want in the year 2009?

irrationally, i want these :

a lie detector
a new brain/memory
a computer that linked with my brainwaves
personal defensive trainer.so i can kick ass like the ONG BAK movie
guilt free sms replier/rejector (i wanna say no to all smses and calls)
a set of friends which only responds when i talk to them.and opposite.
weapon vending machine (where i can buy pistol and shoot people anytime anywhere)

rationally, i just want these :

new phone =(
loan from govs,ngos for my further studies gyahh so hard
a watch.i havent had any watches.pity me huh.
a webcam haihs..
a new set of psp."eliza" is not well these days..
a maid
new clothes (i really havent done any shopping for daily clothes these past 2-3 years)
a new wallet i guess?

thats all.not much.dunno if i can achieve all of this.
maybe.maybeeeee.a sugar mummy can afford me all of this =D.
LOL if only im a pretty boy..or a boy toy T_T


Anonymous said...

nak maid? hahahahahha nk wat ape weh :P