electric sheep

im feeling empty.
like a traffic jam moving aimlessly.
every minutes,every seconds.
rasanya sangat kosong.
dont know yet what am i looking for.
objectiveless or nonetheless i dont have anything much to do.

several things isnt the same anymore.

i can feel it.
i can accept it.
but some cannot.
they cant live without facing it.
instead of moving on,
they tried to deny it.
trying to runaway from the truth and their problem

anyway.solve it.
but my problem here,
i cant solve it.
how do u solve a lost and empty mind?

dont act smart and told me to remember the "ONE"
yes i do remember that and i know my duty to "HIM"

its hard.being and empty soul,empty heart and empty mind is 3 different concept
simply put :

empty soul - u need to do more spiritual approach.
empty heart - try to befriend someone.or having someone accompany or to talk with
empty mind - this is hard.cannot think of anything.blurr all day long.

guess being anti-social doesnt help much.but then i hate people.gyahh its hard

p/s : congratz obama in the inaguration today.make a change.a miracle i guess.if u could


Rfq Kml said...

buto lu.kalao kau anti-sosial watpe kau ade ym.haha.so, that doesnt count in.

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

=_= lai login ym aku.tgk aku appear offline to berapa org.

so stealthing, izzit counts?