1001 reason for me to hate muar.

5.14 am in the morning i was in the car driving heading back to batu pahat and i saw this ugly & terrible accident in seri menanti.somewhere in the middle of batu pahat and muar.

a lorry collided with proton gen2. killed both passenger. the 2nd person to arrive to the scene.
my knee shakin like hell.totally terrified. the driver eats the engine, the gen2 was torn into small pieces shattered on the road while the lorry was in the drain with the driver and co-driver flying out from the windshield like a superman.

it happens so fast.lucky im 2-3 minutes behind the accident.else i might end up like them.
organs everywhere.stayed up till the ambulance and police arrive.watch the whole process. cant even think of anything else after that.

guys. if u were driving in the morning.no not only in the morning.anytime when u drive,if ur feeling a little tired, or sleepy.stop the car.have a rest.cause 1 mili sec cudda cause u ur life.
please.hear me.