another dota season?

crap man..again with dota..i just thought about ending my career on dota..
but steven is back and now ask me bout joining his team

the ex lanc inc :

qayyumx "qayyumx" abdul razak
fai "inqhisa"
steven "StevenYong38" steven
ariff "crackerzx" syukri
zam "zeroart"
fauzi "BMDGHOST" bachtiar
sai "ryomo010"

these names are feared by some long time ago before i decided to disband it.

the -InS clan by steven current rooster :

steven "M|x^Miracle-|" yong
qayyum "M|x^Hyomin-|" abdul razak

as if i decided to play along side of him.

and we need 3 more decent player.i will take time thinking bout this.