till when ur gonna be childish?

case 1 : this is from fromspring

is .chain666 a mhker? confirm.that question answers also for danish (feyyo)and all of the group of theirs in room 45. hahaha.yum bodoh ae..

yg dah lepas tu lepas la.apa lagi kau nak? ajak draft takut ajak jumpa takut.apasal tak boleh terima? <---- baca ni danish.aku dah lupakan.tatau la kau ke abg kau ke masih takleh terima.aku rasa abg kau.pape pun goodluck spm.aku dah takde rase pape dah dgn korang.terpulang ah.umur 2X tapi otak mcm 2-3 taun.sudah la cakap kat dia takde untungnya gaduh.suka hati ah <---- baca la

case 2 : my opinion from my fb's status

whats the big deal,if u cant understand smart jokes, sarcastically and cynical with double meaning sentence, please do not try to mock me. instead of picking fights with me,why dont u save the trouble by reading the newspaper. and talk behave on the facts.

really im not being rude or whatever but i think u guys from UiTM are really in low standards in terms of seeing things.in marriage when i say about how ready you are from the marriage, i was not talking about money, that includes everything. from parenting issues, money, everything.
thus, im not into the fights with you. im not the same lvl of you.i didnt become somebody important in UNITEN.not the old yum u know.i am new.i am somebody

im not blind to see that u guys are trying to make ashame out of me.but that is not they way i deal with u guys.

case 3 : this one is very f-ing complicated.im losing my bestfriend for oversome childish reason or whatever reason it is.