Dead Rising 2 & Starcraft II

i've finish playing this 2 games.been viewing and reviewing over and over this 2 games before it was published.

my score for this 2 game is 10 out 10.perfect score.lets not talk about graphics.its damn superb.

gameplay 10/10
story 10/10
challenge 10/10
mission 10/10
ending 10/10

starcraft 2 is about RTS (real time strategy).
the story begins when Jim Raynor,a rebel dommican marine gone rouge after a fellow ghost operative and himself got betrayed by Arctus Mengsk during last mission to defeat an alien race Zerg. Sarrah Kerringan was abandon during the last mission (starcraft I) and captured by the alien and then turned in to Queen Of Blades.In starcraft II, Jim Raynor and his partner Tychus Findlay travel through the galaxy finding an old prophecy, the Xel-Naga prophecy and artifact to restore the balance between the terrans, protoss and zerg and save Queen Of Blades with the help of an old protoss named Zeratul, the last survivor of the protoss Dark Templar.

dead rising 2 is about Chuck Greene, the survivor from mass zombie outbreak 3 years go is trying to live a new life with his daughter, Katey. Chuck is an ex-motocross champion who now living as the Arena Kill It Or Leave It (zombie gladiator) player.

During this time, another zombie outbreak occurs and Chuck has to find who is behind this outbreak and save civilians before they getting rescue and evac from the safe house.During his investigation, Chuck will get help from various people he saved and there is a lot of new weapon and system introduced in this game.

gamers out there,