twt_dota 2015 and its organization chart

its been 3 years the account @twt_dota has been established.and our own baby program, #TJLANPARTY is entering its 3rd year this year. and by the time i write this, our followers count keep on adding its numbers. and yesterday we admins at twt_dota had our own AGM meeting to appoint a leader and hopefully wud help us and making things easier - our responsibilities and job scopes.

here goes, the organization chart for twt_dota 2015-2016 :

President : Raimi Mansor / @rm0_10

Vice President : Siti Khadijah Mahmud Ariff  / @sitikhadijahma

Secretary : Asiah Izaliza / @eezaleeza

Events & Programs : Kayum Razak / @qayyumx with the help of Farid / @redzfarid 

Twitter Account Handler - Zulhimiamar / @zulhimiamar with the help of Puteih / @Puteih & Jasmin / @just_mean92

Casting, Tournaments & Live Events - Lyana Rosli / @wmotility_l & Wan Muhammad Ali / @wmali

Creative Media - Luqman Zuhair / @luqmanzuhair & Wan Zarul Ariff  / @WanZarulArief

akhir kata, majulah esports untuk negara!