blend in.

was doing nothing at all tonight. and im just going to list down all of those songs that currently im listening too.

the used - all that i've got
the used - buried myself alive.
all american rejects - my paper heart
the calling - wherever you will go.
james blunt - wise man
james blunt - high
hoobastank - reason
coldplay - clock
coldplay - yellow
switchfoot - we are young tonight
switchfoot - stars
switchfoot - meant to live
switchfoot - dare you to live
david cook - fade in to me
the darkness - i believe in a thing call love
queen - i was born to love you
andrew bell - make it without you
amos lee - colors
sum 41 - pieces
matthew perryman jones - save you.
damien rice - delicate
bryan adams - desire
daniel powter - the best of me
chicago - you're my inspiration
coinne baily rae - put your record on
mc fly - too close for comfort
mc fly - unsaid things
the killers - under the gun
steven curtis jackman - i will be remembering you
boyce avenue - bleeding love
blink 182 - always
bowling for the soup - always
buckcherry - sorry

and a lot more. i've lost track. bye bye