958 - kecewa.

i shudnt had that conversation last night. but i believe. this is what i need the most right now.


"kalau kecewa, umur kau dah 26, masa kau kecewa, aku 23-34" - naim md noh, 8.29 pm, 23/3/2013

"takkan terus nak kekal kecewa dan bitter sampai umur 30?" - naim md noh, 8.30pm 23/3/2013

aku - what could be worst bro. im still here anyway. living with whatever left of me. still i could call u in the middle of the night, just to hangout, and have this brotherly sessions, in our old seats, mcd batu pahat. doing "bukon", and maybe u'll bring ur wife and kids too.

i love my bloodbrothers. more than anything else. JG for life.