qayyum's weekly mixtape - 1

i think i want to start a new themed post - and i'll name it qayyum's weekly mixtape and i'll share new music that i accidentally discover/heard in the movies.

lately i have been watching a lot of movies, some movies ada sountrack yg sedap2 which sebenarnya nobody pun gives a damn, but here goes, the 1st week list of qayyum's weekly mixtape vol 1.

this week mixtape consist of  6 artist.

1. Nathan hermida - sure thing (original song - miguel with the same title, btw nathan hermida - the voice contestant)

2. Coldplay - us againts the world

3. Kelsia Bellarini - love me like you mean it

4. Zebra - beach house

5.  Born  - 10,000 Emerald Pools

6. Bil Musa - every single song on her EP. check her out :D

suitable for a long long road trip with bunch of friends. sekadar gambar hiasan, taken from the album drag me to vietnam 2014.