updates, mid sept-oct

1.  #toys4kidzIV

its been a while since CP group buat any charity program. and yeap we're back again after a several years of hiatus with this #toys4kidzIV, and this year its a bit different, we no longer ask for soft toys donation and stuffs, and the idea now is to ask for donations and buy 1 tshirt from us just for rm 35 ringgit. click on the picture to find more about our charity program. and feel free to ask me about anything regarding the program.


alhamdulillah #TJLANPARTY3 ended few weeks back. its was a successful event. breaking the trending topic for 2 days, got a lot good publicity about this event and surely one of a kind. this year format is totally different from the previous two tjlanparty, with the qualifier round introduces, giving it TI-feels for amateur player and new comers. and surely we'll return next year with more surprises. thank you to those who contribute their energy, time and passion to make #TJLANPARTY3 possible.
love u guys.

 players getting ready!

sup dude?

izaliza sumandak with her templar assassin outfit, cool :D

muka orang yg tak tido-tido buat kerja siang malam haha

3. Paeh & Yani / Hanes & Shafiza

dont ask, do not ask, just dont.