Fai's Wedding

cant believe myself. i did do the poco-poco dance. yeah its fai's wedding. fai's now married. to be honest, im kinda sad. i dont know how or why but its a sad thing but makes me happy somehow. yeah im happy.

i think after this week. its time for me to hang my mouse. its really really the time for me. to retire. oh ya, im having a local dota tourney this week on saturday and sunday at times square KL. do come and cheer for me, i dont think i cudda win this one. but im playing this as for my last tournament and career in dota scene.

oh btw enjoy some pics.

do not ask me when is my time. i dont fuckin know myself.


obviously i was not happy malam tadi. kan?

 duge, shah, man's gf

 paeh n me. #foreveralone.jpg naabs

 the food.

 man, man's gf, james

 steven, duge, shah

 the bride and bridegroom 

 1st time menepung tawar dalam hidup

 amin n milo

 amin menepung tawar

milo menepung tawar lak


AMH said...

kenapa macam lu menghadiri majlis kahwin "Adibah Noor"?keh3

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

jgn ler mcm tu saudara AMH. sahabat gua ni.. mohom maaf satu kali