its 5.40 in the morning

5.40 in the morning.
im packing my things up.
from a hospital.
which my grandpa stays in.

its 5.40 in the morning.
at night,time flows slowly.
while im sitting there,
thinking about my beloved ones.

5.40 in the morning.
i buy myself a hot cup of milo.
sit on the bench.
would i be like this in the next 15 years?

its 5.40 in the morning.
i admit i screw up few years back.
and im currently fixing it back.
and im hoping a new future.

its 5.40 in the morning.
eliza didnt wake up yet.
im getting worried.
what could be worst happening?

its 5.40 in the morning.
here i am.
feeling null.
feeling numb.

its 5.44 in the morning.
its all just a mistake.
but this "one" mistake..
makes me love..feels..


im learning and doing my love you..
em.i never felt something like this for almost a year.
the warmness..the calmness..yeah since its a 2 days-went-out.
i wanna say this.i am sorry for not being a good boyfriend for you.

yeah true.feelings develop.
nah i'll stop crapping.either way u didnt know that this blog was written.

wake up eliza..wake up..
just wake up.i'll be urs.

Yong won ee sarang hae
Ku ri wo hae yo

eliza-nuuna :)