House M.D

house season 8 ended just now. i feel like crap. totally. i bet u guys had this feeling too when ur fav tv shows ended. i watch a lot of tv shows till it ends. but there is a few tv shows, when it ends.

duh that feeling...
and of course we have to live with the fact "nothing lasts forever"

i've been watching house since i was back in puncak perdana. season 2, house is my only source of entertainment.

house is an asshole, pretty much like myself. i am an asshole myself. the only thing matters to him is "puzzles" he dont give a damn about feelings, relationships, etc. all he care is about himself and life's mysteries and puzzles.

altho he treat people and everybody else like crap, deep inside of him, there is a lot more to offer.

the correct word for him is tough love.

"everybody lies"

"everybody dies"

"one day, one room"

"my life is just horrors after another"

"they could build monuments after ur self-centeredness"

my personal house's fav line.

i guess this is the end. hugh laurie dan david shore decide this is the last season of house. i'll guess i'll be seeing him in the movies.


bukankosong said...

jgn lupa Once upon a time, 666 park avenue,Glee, Shameless Us yg aku rasa antara list super owsem gak