time-continuous lapse

to those who are damn too stupid to understand the title, i suggest u not to go for google translate, instead of doing it. press X on the top right corner.

this is me, projecting my anger, towards things that beyond my control. i am not pissed off to the several beautiful you. yes, you.

do u know we live in a world where time and space take part in deciding ur fate and destiny? and another known fact that we all know is, i am no naruto. i cant be here and there at the same time.

look, i am the person who doesnt give a shit about this one stupid question "nak makan kat mana? kau decide, tah, aku pun tak tau" SHIT.

i take control of my decision most of the time. i know what to do, what to decide, whos heart to break, with who shud i be right now. if i'd say i'll be there a few days before it happens, it will happen, unless something happen.

if u can read fate and destiny, yes, preach me. i am pissed off to be called, mat bual or whatsoevershit. i was in the middle of the road and something came up. which is utterly more important than u do. i know my priorities. to whom shud i go, at what time. something came up, and make joke out of it, i pretty dont like it. unless i was sleeping, or i was doing stupid things.

there is time where i need to work where i dont even want to work and its not even my job to begin with. there is time where there is some people i try to avoid not to hang together with.
there is time where i am not able to make it because i was out of reach.
there is time where i am not able to make it because i need to take care of my family matters.
and there is time where i did make a promise, but yet i cant make it because, i just cant make it.

"so jangan berjanji lain kali, kalau dah tau tak boleh"

dude, mana nak tau kalau ada apa2 tiba jadi. beyond my control. kau ingat aku suka2 janji lepas tu kensel sesuka hati aku? jangan jadi bodoh

shit happens. unless i tell u 3 minutes before and cancel another next 3 mins.

and that, my friend, grants u the right to call me with whatsoever name.