the AES camera shit.

the AES camera issue is causing so much hype these days. implementing AES does have it purpose. china and taiwan have been using this system and it is proven to lessen the statistic as much as 40%. (as they said lah, they havent release the data yet to the public to see)

so, since everybody is so upset about this camera shit, i think i am going to share my opinion here.

so, why AES

my answer is this, the very basic law pon orang break. langgar traffic light. so in order for everybody to learn a lesson, is to implement this AES system. so, u can do the math urself.

the pros :

-it is believed that AES is super efficient in doing its job - the best photographer ever. no matter how fast, no matter how many car there is, AES will fucken catch em all. '

-it is also believed that company whos behind the development of AES is getting high commission from every summon police issued - i dont know about this, either this is the opposition party agenda or it is true. rumours are spreading. fast.

-from speeding to some minor crimes, AES will get his hands on those culprit picture.

for now, there 221 known location of this AES camera. and it is said the full installation will be done by mid 2013.

the cons :

-this camera is against drivers logic. imagine, driving 80 kilos, trying so hard to pass the lorry infront of him. and there is nobody else on the road.

-if the speed limit is 80 kmh, so driving 81 or 85 pun sudah kena ka?

-how do u know that the camera is not rigged?

-confusion. the camera flashes, and there is around 6 car on the road. and wrong people is getting the summon.

-and will the victim get his summon with all of those info, how fast he was going, where and when, the exact time and date.

so, if ada lagi nak tambah, mohon share di ruangan komen di bawah.

p/s : kumpul je saman ribu2, cukup masa tahun ada proses pengampunan, bayar 30%-40% je. lulzyah