things can go wrong

this short article is write just because i dont feel safe anymore. i have been harassed by one scary-psychopath chick last feb and i dont think i want to go thru the process again.

look. social network nowdays isnt like what it used to be last 5 or 6 years back. like what we used to have back in i think in friendster and myspace era. that time. in this era, there is facebook, twitter, 4sq, flipboard and tons of others apps which can be used to tell the whole world what are u doing, with who are u with, exactly where are u right here right now in real-time and live streaming updates. i think 7 of every 10 people walk around with smartphone with data plan these days. they might be ur friend, ur colleague and it might be anybody.

and as i watch taken 2 last week. there is something that get me bothered. what if you didnt control who's in ur social networking profiles. random people. which we dont aware who or what of she or he is made of. sharing the place where u live in foursquare can lead to many bad things. as for girls, they might dont want stalkers to follow them while taking the lift up to the apartment. imagine the next big picture - rape, robbery, murder, etc.

besides that. whatever status post or any tweets with or without us knowing, people get hurt. alot. everyday. every single second. either u are his or her friend either ur not. people is watching. people is reading, watching, every of ur actions. waiting for the right time to jump in.

that is why these things have come to my concern these past weeks. lagi la dah kerja ni. u go and meet people. vendors. jumping ranks. u dont know people might get jealous with u. and u dont know how they will deal with it. in the newspaper - shooting here, stab that, acid here acid there.

i dont feel safe anymore. i dont even feel safe to write things upon my facebook wall these days.

these days, only one profile sign in, in any social networking can be connected thru each other. sign in facebook will bring u to twitter, blah blah blah blah blah. and every post u did in any apps will be posted there. and u might want to control those people who are watching u and knowing who they are.

and that is why i think, staying anonymous and provide as little information as u can, can eventually save ur life. anybody cudda be celebrity now days. hot people over facebook, tweetfamous over twitter, pretty people over instagram and all of those shits.

what say u?


Emma Amir said...

Good to know that there ARE people who are aware of the danger of providing too many informations on the net.

I, too, have a smartphone. It has become a pseudo-necessity now, and given time, it will be a necessity I presume.

This reminds me of my brother. When I first use the smartphone he scolded me, saying that how dangerous owning a smartphone would be. The device can be used against you. (but yeah, I didn't listen to him)

Thumbs up, mister!

Atika Azumi said...

jyeahh ! *highfive