sorotan kajian.haha banggangg -.-"

day one.sabtu.

-take the bus to kajang.they pick me up there.switch the bus
-went to perak with 22 unknown people innit.too many girls and just 5 guys there (contestant)
-i sit infront.lucky the driver mind is aligned with we sing a long iklim's songs.he say i got a great voice.yeah pakcik,i had.but i need better and proper training :D
-there is a dude,he's trying to act cool and trying so hard to join us singing and trying so hard to get the girls attention,i'd say.ada jugak org mcm ni.bukan apa.just...annoyed.dah la tak tau nyanyi.u shud stay put and listen the old man do the job.not like humming 'mmmhmmm bla bla bla'.dumb ass.perosak lagu.

day two.ahad.

-arrived there as early as 5 am.crap.singgah si masjid.semayang subuh sana.
-then continue to the tambun park.arrived there around 9.its raining.
-jungle trackking to the camp site.its soakin wet.but its fine.arrived there,do my the tent.
-routine,speech,count people.divided into smaller teams of the leader again.
-bersihkan sekitar campsite,build this and that.
-my team is in charge of luckily there is 5 of girls innit.yeah i survived.

-buat campfire.the fire just wont light.there is this stupid dude who try to make a joke by saying he cud light the fire up,just find him 2 stones (he was saying "BALLS" actually).damn pathetic joke.i'd say why dont i soak u in tinner and light u with ur lighter.we got a human torch.thats nice.
-sing along time.there is one dude lagi.haha tak habis2 aku jeles dgn org kan.ok enough buat dosa.since they already knew that im the best singer they got i always.lagu2 camping.lagu2 rakyat.damn gay =.=
-later at 12 braking lagi.we shares and why were here.i lied mine.i say i dont know why im there.and why am i involved in.i just dont have any interest sharing whats mine to them.i dont think they deserve to know.
-the rain just dont stop.tonite game, midnite owl is cancelled due to excessive rain.we all go to bed around 2.

day three.monday.

-woke up at 6.gather my troops.were making the they cook sardine.and letak dlm roti.i cook scambled egg.yeah i dont know sedap ke tak.makan je la sial.dlm hutan kau mintak ciken chop,aku chop kepala kau sudah.
-going jungle tracking as early as 7.30.fuk.its raining.rambut aku dah menjurai2 ke bawah.mcm the great khali je kat wwe.dgn beg berat.i know i cant do this.i force myself to do it.kaki sakit tuhan je tau.then sampai kat satu area gua ni.we play some childish game.tapi enjoyable.apa bole stuck here.lets go with the flow.

-again with the cooking.sop telor.oh what ever aku tak sentuh pun this one.tapi quite sedap.akak tu masak.muhaha.rupe kau huduh tapi masakkan kau sedap XD.
-before magrib,ada taklimat.we got a change in we packup,and we went to the nearest settlement.yeah.finally.there's electricity.i can charge the laptop.finally.god listen to my prayings.haha.
-1st LDK.the game name is black dots.its about the bad past time we had,and it acts like a black dot in ur life and how does the black dot change ur life in to the life ur having now.again.i lied.and sumhow a conflict happens.i was in a middle of quarrel with this one big time loser killing intention is reaching the limit.blood was boiling.i was holding my knuckle.still,i nearly lose it.i manage to hold back.he's just..lucky to be alive till now.

day four.tuesday.

-cave exploring at gua datok.near death experience here.i was stuck under river cave.damn due to my extra size i was stuck.hahaa.damn i had claustrophobia (i cant stand in a tight and dark situation,i cant breathe).i keep myself calm and manage to escape from that hell hole.sigh sigh =.=.

-there will be another LDK and ceramah again tonite.i dont think i wud listen on that.i might be as well put on my earphone and playing FF:Dissidia as well.

p/s : well,thats for now.ada masa aku upload photos since tak bawak cable and so on.will be updated soon.



Luna said...

wah wah! rasa cam nak gi kemping lah! haha!

sHiNo said...

owh... aku ske part yang campfire... best2