listing of horror movie to DL/watch in cinemas

-haunting in connecticut
-babysitter wanted

btw i dunno whether i had psychological problem or what.but horror genre movies dont not scare me at fact i laugh all the way seeing the ghost/computer generated ghost is doing his horror thingy.lmao.try me.ask did we enjoy laughing our ass off watching the ring.khakhakha.
mcm sial.satu row gelak.aku,sapik,tufah,tatam,bambang.LOLOLOL.

reseptor takut kami dah rosak agaknya.ahaha.shit i better get sum sleep.demam ni dah menggila.

+++ with this fucking backpain yg aku tak tau apasal tiba2.satu badan pon rasa sakit.crap.

bye.gutten nicht.i need sum rest.

p/s : anybody can save me from being a vampire? i keep sleeping during dawn and wake up during body cant withstand this anymore says the doc.i need normal sleep at night.