logic vs rasionalism

i had this stupid quarrel with my brother and sister.about the smart ass FBI agent from the series "Numb3rs".i found they both stupid.damn stupid.waktu tu one FBI agent and one criminal stuck on a lift with gun pointed to each other.abaikan cerita numbers ni.if u were trap in that lif,what wud u do?

the choice is :

1.shot 1st ask later.anyhow the criminal pon takkan dapat nak agak when ur shooting,nak react to ur actions and takkan sempat nak return the bullet to u.

2.slow talk.bawak berbincang.but till when? the question is,either u die stupidly or u do sumthing.

and i think i'll stick to logical actions.either i die or him die.dont bother to slow talk or whatever.dont even think about disabling him or try to nego with him.shoot his brain off without he noticing.how can human dogde a bullet in point blank ranged kan?

i wonder why la my bro and sis so god damn stupid.if they trapped like that sure they die.
cb stupid sibilings.die better.

p/s : "shoot 1st ask later is always my policy.no regret"


Syafiq Sarkawi said...

I'm with your brother and sister....
slow talk,,psiko2 org tuh dan ckp "if you shoot me,,i'll kill you!"

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

lol..masing2 takkan dapat agak whos gonna shoot 1st.so the one who pull the trigger survive.im gonna be the 1st to do that.thank you