sick cycle carousel.

currently having a fever and full-body scale pain which i dont know why.i dont do heavy lifting or whatsoevershit yg boleh mendatangkan sakit dan sengal badan.

and im sorry to several people.i cant be here and there,turning down the lepak thingy and turn down all invitation to all ur houses.

its all bcoz everyday i sleep merely at 6.30 am.and waking up usually at 3-4.30 pm in the evening.sorry.yes im looking fwd to watch a movie and going karoke with u guys.but help me.wake me up.make an appointment.cewah.why dont u go in my room and splash me with water.nice one.seblom pergi beraktiviti muka kau akan di datangi lebam dulu.lolol.

++ aku rase cam segan nak keluar ugly duh.dont lari tgk aku.haha mcm org kadazan yg tak penah kuwa hutan for sooo loooonggg.and if u looking for people to blame.please blame crackerzx,zeroart,Xn|nqhisa and ahmy[m0nk3y].

blame them.cuz i stuck playing dota with them every nite till the early morning.cb.

bye bye.its already 6.18 am and im off to bed.c

p/s : edward cullen? i call him one ulgy bastard who tries to act cool.dumbfuck u~ i dont wanna ever be u.i am the vampire my OWN WAY.