so,whats special in this 2012?
there is 2 things that catch my sight.

1st• 21/23 December 2012 - the Mayans believe its the end of the world (13th bak'tun)
2nd• the movie 2012 (based on the Mayans speculation from ZetaTalk shit and sorts)

okay,im gonna laugh 1st before im gonna explaining it further.KHAKWHAKWHKAHWKHAWKAHAWKHAWKHAWKHAWKH.

okok sorry2.lets cut the chase.in short,

on 21/23 Dec 2012,

The significance of this date in Mayanism stems from the ending of the current bak'tun cycle of the Maya calendar in 2012, which many believe (on the basis of much ill-informed speculation) will create a global "consciousness shift" and the beginning of a new age. Speculation about this date can be traced to the first edition of The Maya by Michael D. Coe, in which he suggested the date of December 24, 2011, as one on which the Maya believed "Armageddon would degenerate peoples of the world and all creation." This date became the subject of speculation by Frank Waters, who devotes two chapters to its interpretation, including discussion of an astrological chart for this date and its association with Hopi prophecies in Mexico Mystique: The Coming Sixth Age of Consciousness (1975). The significance of the year 2012 (but not a specific day) was mentioned briefly by José Argüelles in The Transformative Vision (1975).

Another theory circulating on the web relates to a large planetary object, sometimes claimed to be 20 times the size of Jupiter, which is currently en route to pass by Earth. Proponents claim that this object's passage will create a pole shift and cause the end of civilization. This planet, variously referred to as Nibiru (after a planet with a similar orbit in Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles series), Wormwood (after a passage from the Book of Revelation which describes a star named Wormwood falling from the skies) or Planet X (the name astronomers give to the hypothesis of a planet beyond Neptune), was first predicted by self-proclaimed contactee Nancy Leider after she founded the website ZetaTalk in 1995. Leider had originally claimed the object would pass by Earth in 2003, however, when that failed to occur she shifted her date to 2010.[25] A number of websites and other doomsday groups have however linked Leider's planet to the 2012 date.

so kalau sesape yg malas nak baca pemende yg aku dok research ni, dlm bahse melayunya :

maka,bumi akan berhenti berputar pada paksinya, dan akan di tarik ke dalam satu peralihan paksi yg selari dgn matahari dan planet nibiru (yo brother u do even exist?) which means apabila selari orbitnya, nibiru -> boom the earth -> boom into the sun.niceeeeeeeeeeeeee.

so,the smarts says that NASA is trying to hide the facts.but,cmon lar people.use ur fucking brain ler -.-.the nibiru is said to be as 20x bigger the jupiter,so,kalau its sooooo god damn near,we cud see it with naked eye in the sky lar.more over la kan.why must NASA cover up this shits? eventually semua kene sapu lar.sembunyi pon tak guna.kalau aku org NASA,i wud take this goddamnlucky opportunity untuk announce kat semua makhluk kat bumi ni dengan hati yg gembira

"Harlow pitiful earthlings,in the next couple of hour,a giant planet is going to crush us and soon we all dead.hows that? happy isnt it? feel hopeless? dont bother,lets just die.dont bother to save urself or get some last kiss.come celebrate our joyful deaths."kwahkwhkhakhawkhkahw (cynical laughs)

yes its true the Mayans are more advance from us in their times.they even invented the 1st calendar,but cmon.back to logic,the human race now days perfected the calendar.but please lar.so advance but they cant wear any shorts and cover their body parts?

yes this Atlantis does exist,i watch the documentary in history channel 555,they dig up the ruins underwater near the mediterranean seas,and they also is said to have the most advance tech.but cmon,kate advance nak mampus,why sink into the sea? crap.bull shit lar.

p/s : bring it nibiru,with the punch power of 310 (arcade machine punching calibrator) i'll just effortlessly punch u back into outer space

2012 (movie)

haa must watch movie,sbb fav actor aku ada dlm ni.John Cusack, yup jalan cerita menggunakan this Mayan prophercy as its story line.director pon dari org yg direct The Day After Tomorrow dgn Independence Day,damn sure special effects sanngaaaat superb.cinema anybody?

p/s : blanja pls? aku saving sudah tiada XD


Rfq Kml said...

hahaha,siyes kelakar.tp prophecies or ramalan tidak bole dipercayai.tp kdg2 ie berlaku exactly like it have been said sebab syaitan macam kau ngan aku ni tak kuat iman.kakaka