towards the end of the year.

december is my fav month of the year. mainly its because yeah obviously its the end of the year. and i always feel like celebrating xmas. hahah. and yeah bcoz hey its my birthday! actually, alot of things happened in nov/dec, thats the reason why. for example, 4th dec. reminds me of someone. 23/25/27/30 nov. reminds me of people who i care the most. 

anyway, this is what actually happened in december/recently if you people are wondering what and where i've been doing :

somehow i got myself involved again in local e-sports scene. Malaysian Cyber Game as contractor/vendor. because its sponsored by TM and bla bla bla and i dont want the same thing happened in Major All Stars last march to happened all over again. overall it was a successful event. people from twt_dota is covering the event, team Secret datang, bla bla bla. tapi the worst part is i cant be there bcoz kena stationed tempat lain during the event. Selangor vs Kedah final piala malaysia smh ~_~

oh oh daniel bryan came, and a good friend of mine manage to hook me up with this dude in person. i was like whoa this is dream comes true!!!! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! #YESMOVEMENT. perfect birthday gift haha. and thanks to butang for teman-ing to see this guy eventho u have no idea who is this dude is all about. thanks for the treat too :D


andd special thanks to rina for the birthday day treat and day out. hahah nangis tgk movie good dinosaur. recommended movie partner and would rate her 10/10. hihi

few more days before december ends. what have you done lately?